Thoughts on brain fog?

Once again I am trying to figure out PMR. Yesterday I came home from work beause my brain was so fatigued it just shut down. I work at at an elementary school full time and the day before had computer training that was similar to trying to learn Chinese. The fog started then. Didn't sleep well for 2 nights either. Also getting back on schedule after xmas holiday. What brings on the fog? For me it's brain fatigue. Physically I feel pretty good if I could take my head off. I also am a week off a gluten free diet that I didn't think was making any difference but maybe it was? On another site I saw a suggestion of taking pred in the pm so I tried that by splitting my dose last night. This morning my head is clearer but will see as day goes on. Is brain fog from stress, fatigue, medicine, gluten? Thanks all for your faithful experiences.

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  • Hi,

    I always used to call it Pred head, but I think it's probably a combination of the disease and the medication. We all get it from time to time, it's just a matter of acknowledging it, and putting off difficult decisions (if we can) until we're thinking a bit clearer.

    Take care.

  • It's good to know it's not just me. My most frequently made comment is I will do that tomorrow. Lol

  • After all the years I have had PMR and being on a good dose of pred - I still have occasions when I hit the brick wall of fatigue. The autoimmune cause of the PMR is still there and active - you wouldn't have symptoms if it were not - and it changes in activity. If a high activity day coincides with a day where you are asking your body (and brain) to do more than usual then you are likely to suffer. And that course was obviously hard work anyway - plus the stress of concentrating.

    No - you are not the only one!

  • The many mysteries of pmr

    Thanks for your reassurance. I must drive my husband crazy. He makes the mistake of asking me how I am all the time.

  • That's probably more irritating than mine - who NEVER asks...

  • Mine just kinda says, what's ya doing' and I know that's what he means. The mystery of men . lol

  • My fog has intensified ver the past couple of months. I have the memory of an ant, lose track during conversations, repeat myself, an dont remmber things I've been told... I drive weird routes to common locations, miss exits more often than's getting kind of scary, to be honest

  • It's good to hear from you. I wondered if you were still out there. How's the ankle? I am splitting my pred am and pm to see if that helps. Seems better but I have rested all weekend also. I ditto your experience. Driving is kind of scary and I am the only one in my home with a license. I especially try not to drive when I'm tired. My vision is blurry to so that adds to the mix. I am going from 12.5 to 12 so as usual hope lies in lower doses! Wishing you well today Zacsmimi.

  • Have you discussed this with your doctor? Brain fog can be due to other things - and some might be confused with GCA/PMR in the early stages because they include forms of vasculitis.

  • Yes, tues

  • I've noticed a definite pattern. I can do crosswords and sudoku and jigsaw puzzles much more effectively after I've exercised, so must need to feed the old brain cells with freshly aerated blood! A lot of apparent memory decline is owing to lack of attention. As I remarked to my son today, my memory isn't what it used to be but then it never was, having been accused practically from infancy of always having my head in the clouds....

  • My sisters are both counselors. So I sat with my little sister today and told her all about how crazy it's been and that the cognitive stuff that's freaking me out, she gave me a ride to the market and simply watched me shop. She suggested that I am behaving like a kid with ADHD to the tenth power. I'm obviously very easily distracted and historically was very involved with my "outer world " and very active, make quick decisions fast made plans, etc.NOW I make all these mistakes and push myself so hard, like, until I hit the wall...and don't listen to my body because.... apparently I usually don't know how I am feeling. I close it off. So why am I so distracted!,,??? Well it may be that my pain and fatigue are pulling on me so hard that I have No room to manage other processes. It's an interesting theory... so far I have discovered that I'm whole lotta hurt and quite obviously my pain tolerance has Increased. Stay tuned

  • I am finding that any other illness besides the PMR puts me right over the edge. I have had some viral dizziness and it's mentally getting to me

    I feel like I was treading water but more it has crept up under my nose.

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