Getting jealous now re boxes and cards!

I see talk of Steroid Boxes and Steroid Cards and wonder why I don't have any!

In all honesty, the only meds I am on are the steroids, although I do take several supplements morning and evening....perhaps a Dosette box would be useful but in my head I am not old enough for one!

As for a Steroid Card....I remember these from when I was nursing in the 80/90's but cannot remember why one should carry one.

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  • Because anyone treating you for any medical reason should be aware. Particularly if you are in a position not to tell them i.e. unconscious after accident etc. Steroids must not be stopped suddenly.

  • I just received my new medical alert bracelet in the mail which states I'm on Prednisone....and for $5 a month a medic can phone the toll free number, give them their ID number ( we don't want every Tom, etc., being able to get into my ID) and receive all my medical info - history, diagnoses, doctors, medications,...and I update my info anytime there's changes....really quite a good deal I need to worry about someone finding my purse, or med list in wallet....they will know immediately I am on Prednisone.....


  • As DL says - so anyone finding you collapsed and unable to answer questions lucidly for whatever reason can see you are on long term steroids - which must not be stopped suddenly as that could lead to an adrenal crisis, which can be fatal if unrecognised and untreated.

    As for the dosette box - it is for convenience, nothing to do with age. If you only take steroids once a day then a small weekly one in your handbag for an emergency is ideal - you never know whether you will not be delayed somewhere, not your fault or intention but it can happen: breakdown, accident, weather, change of mind. You can decide to stay somewhere at the last minute without having a change of knickers - but not having your pred with you is another matter!

  • I got a medication box when I discovered what happens when you forget to take your dose! It also helps when alternating doses while tapering..

  • Now that is a good time I am near a pharmacie I shall go and look. Not sure how much more I can get in my small handbag. I'll ask about a Steroid card although expect they don't do them here or I would have been given one. I'll make one if not.

  • I am 69 and use a dosette box...better than counting out the tablets and others, 3x per day. I got a steroid card when I became a member of PMR/GCA, and the hospital, where I was an in-patient, for 8 days, also gave me 1.I do not have a good memory, and I do not like to second-guess tablets, esp. Pred, even after 10 years!

  • I got my steroid card from PMRGCA uk (ie our own charity organisation). Have a look at the web site: or e-mail to:

    I tried all our local pharmacies to no avail. Even our large Boots said they hadn't seen one for years.

  • I would need mine in will look locally.

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