Niagara Massage

I was feeling a bit more stiff and tired and sore again and had to deal with a lame horse , the treatment for my horse involved using equissage (Niagara) unit for her. It seemed like a good idea to try it for me. I am happy to say it made a real difference to how i felt, the burning feeling in my neck and shoulders which is always there to some extent decreased quite markedly. I am going to keep on with it to see if it keeps symptoms to a minimum, fingers crossed!

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  • What is it?

  • its a massage machine.

  • A sort of hand held thing then? I was imagining something involving water that the horse went into. It's been a busy Sunday with family over. Glad it helped you.

  • The horse wears a pad over its back with a unit attached and a boot where a 2nd unit slides in, I borrowed the unit which was inside the horses boot. its only about the size of a litre of milk and its not a violent massage, just a cyclical pulse. I tried a few (Ok dozens!) of additional alternative therapies, Bowen felt nice and for a few hours i felt more relaxed than i had in a long while but it wore off and had no lasting benefits, then i fell of my horse and tried a chiropractor, big mistake, the fall was bad enough but after just one visit to chiropractor i felt so much worse that i had to increase my Pred for a week. i guess if i could afford to constantly go to physio / Bowen therapist (who was the person who got me to go to my gp and got me diagnosed) I would have a greater feeling of wellbeing more of the time but maybe this massage unit will provide me with everyday access to relaxation!

  • Wow this sounds good.

  • I have one of those bulky hand held massager. It has 2 knobs on face of it and is 2 speed. It is big n bulky.

    When I get too much back pain n spasms I use it. Any massaage hurts to be touched but I use it for a minute or so on my sore neck and mid back. It hurts while I am doing it... the pain of hot spots.

    BUT once I stop it really feels better. It is like the spasms go away. I only use it about 2 to 4 times a month..

  • That made me laugh. What sort of a machine is it? Photo

  • This tale made me laugh, thank you doubtfullee. I too have horses and the worst bit for me is picking out their feet...painful sometimes. We tried a demo of equissage years ago on a horse who was terrified and had to be saved from it! However, like you I think I would use it on me now! I would describe it as more of a vibration than a massage, I think.

  • It's really supposed and I stress "supposed" to improve circulation , all the horses tolerate it here and most love it. I've seen a marked improvement in recovery from muscle strains and sprains in my horses . As for picking out feet, too many mornings I can't put my own socks on let alone bend to pick out feet so I took on an apprentice and spend most of my time watching and teaching. Still I keep thinking I will get back to normal soon, a triumph of optimism over reality.

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