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Just an update

Hello again.

just thought I would update where we have got to with Joyce's GCA.

She has been on 10mg of pred, having reduced slowly over the past months, for the last few weeks and has been very poorly , no energy, sleeping a lot, tearful, in fact almost as she was before she lost her sight.

Saw the GP a couple of weeks ago who said the ESR was OK and she was depressed. He prescribed floroxatine but this hasn't seemed to help.

Anyway saw the rheumy yesterday who was much more understanding. He has increased the pred to 30mg dropping by 5mg every two weeks also methotrexate 10mg once a week and 2 weekly blood tests. Also made appointments to see a rheumy nurse after Christmas and him in 3 months. Also he has given us a phone number to contact his secretary if we hit any problems.

So feeling a bit more positive today that our concerns have been listen to.

Starting the higher dose of pred today so we will see how it goes.

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Fingers crossed for you both. An understanding doctor makes all the difference.

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So pleased your rheumy has been helpful - though why they couldn't have taken more interest earlier beats me! And don't hesitate to use the phone number if you need it.

Fluoxetine can take a few weeks to kick in - it worked quickly for me but that is unusual. Sleep, energy and appetite are the first things to improve after a couple of weeks. But like all drugs - it doesn't work for everyone.

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So pleased to hear you've finally got to a doctor that is understanding, that must make you feel more confident about the situation. As a carer, it sometimes feel as if you're continually banging your head against a brick wall when you're trying to do the best for a loved one and nobody seems to be listening.

Do hope things improve for Joyce, pass on our best wishes.


So pleased that at last you seem to have someone who is listening to you. Keep in touch and please pass on best wishes to Joyce.

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Great to get some support from the rheumy. Latest guidelines say the condition should be managed primarily by the rheumy people.

Hope the new dose does what you need. Wishing Joyce well.


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