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Latest Update re ?GCA

Well, saw my GP who first diagnosed my PMR over a year ago. He says left temple pulse is not as strong as right. He has increased Pred to 20mgs, instructing me to take the remaining 11mgs tonight, then 20mgs from tomorrow morning. To go back and see him Thursday morning. At last someone who treats the symptoms instead of quoting from a textbook. He has also told me to ring him any time Im worried, and he will call straight back. Can sleep easier tonight. See Rheumy on 1st May. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me over the last few weeks, I cannot express enough my gratitude. Cheers Runrig x

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Phew! At last someone who is prepared to listen to you and monitor you more closely. I'm a little surprised though that if he suspected the weak pulse might be due to GCA, he didn't increase the dose a little higher, but at least he's said he's only a phone call away - that's very reassuring, and whilst you sleep easier tonight, we will all breathe a sigh of relief for you too. Do let us know how you get on over the next few days - hopefully the symptoms will ease with the higher dose.


Thanks Celtic, took the 11mgs about 2hrs ago, temple pain easier already and tongue tingling has stopped :-) Jaws still aching at the moment but am confident of a good nights sleep. When I said GCA he looked puzzled, but then when I explained he said "ahh temporal arteritis". I could have kissed him just for listening and acting on symptoms. Good night from Runrig x :-)


Well after 2 days of 20mgs all pain except a small tingle to tip of tongue has gone. Resting easier now, see my lovely GP tomorrow morning hopefully he keeps me on 20mgs till I see rheumy in 2 weeks. I feel like a new woman after the pains I have had for the last 6 weeks. It is never good to be "atypical" no one ever seems to believe you and dismisses you all to easily. Happier now, cheers Runrig x :-)


Hi Runrig,

Thank goodness you're on the mend again. I guess we're all pleased and you can stop worrying.



Thanks Pat, it is looking like "atypical GCA" watch this space. LOL. Cheers Runrig :-)


After having 4 good days with the increase in Pred all the pains returned yesterday. Phoned GP who told me to go back to A&E for review, as he was concerned with the weekend approaching. A&E have increased Pred to 30mgs and told me to take regular paracetamol and tramadol. Did not sleep at all last night due to twitching tongue, I can hear a pulse like noise that is coming from my tongue driving me mad. Have 11 days till I see Rheumy and it can't come quick enough. GP suggests taking some time off work and give the steroids s chance to work, I currently work 3 long days a week, but the fatigue as well as pains are making it difficult. Hope everyone else is having a better recovery and is able to enjoy this sunny weekend. Runrig x


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