Having a cold and tapering?

Have gone from 12.5 to 11. Have been on 11 now for 2 days. Have felt pretty draggy but otherwise ok. Drove 3 hours yesterday to visit granddaughter for 4 hours. Feel terrible this morning. Ache all over. Head feels like I am starting a cold. This is the first time I have been sick on PMR. I know to rest rest rest. Do I keep on at 11. Really don't want to jack around with my dose. This is the first time I have ever felt like this while reducing. Thanks for all your experiences.

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  • Hi bunnymom,

    I reckon it was all that kissing you've picked up a bug, and overdoing it in the travelling. I'd go to bed, sleep, sleep,sleep, plenty of fluids. Do nothing, and I mean nothing, it will all wait. Only increase Prednisolone as an absolute last resort. You might be able to ride this one out and don't decrease anymore until this thing has left you.

    It's odd to be ordinary sick like other people isn't it? Everyone has colds and coughs at the moment, I am almost enjoying being normal with it.

    Get well soon, watch old movies, have a good cry. 💐

  • Laying on the couch with the cat at present🐱 Thanks

  • I've had a cold for a fortnight and really want to start reducing from 2.5 to 2mg, but have been inhibited by my coughs and snuffles. Maybe next week...

  • We are always looking at the next reduction aren't we? Get well soon wishes sent your way.

  • Give it a day or two - you had a heavy day yesterday - and you COULD be starting a cold. Wait and see.

  • Thanks. I know I did too much yesterday. The price I pay for going to see my 2 year old girl!

  • You said 3 hours drive - 3 hours each way or 3 hours altogether? Is there no way you can stay overnight? It makes such a difference.

  • 3 total. Sometimes I stay but husband had to work the next day. Staying is a help unless I work to help her!

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