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PMR Big thank you. 🐝

I would like to say a very big thank you for all your help and advice yesterday . As you know I was having such a big day feeling very low and isolated , in pain and scared etc. Well I took your advice and contacted the local support team and had a lovely chat with a lady who is going to put me in touch with someone local to me with PMR. She is also sending me some recent research on reducing the Steriods which may help too so I'm going to have a look and discuss with my GP. One person told me this is not life threatening and it will get better in time made me realise that this is true and one day this will disappear. So today I'm trying really hard to be positive and pull myself back up again! I will try to live with this and except that yes I'm ill but no it won't kill me! 😸 So once again, thank you for being there when I needed you all most.

My real name, Donna. 🐝

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Well done Donna - for being positive and pro-active. Hopefully with all that's going on you will begging feel in control of your life again.


Good - the first step to recovery I think, taking control!

And yes - believe me, PMR doesn't seem half so bad if you go and look at VasculitsUK or LupusUK. There are young people there, teens and twenties, with life-threatening and life-limiting disorders that can't be cured. We have at least had a pretty good innings before PMR struck and really it just makes you stiff and sore. GCA is a bit nastier I admit. But we do have much to be grateful for in the great scheme of things. Doesn't make it feel any better when you are having a really bad day though!


Well done Donna for taking that first step, which is always the hardest. Yes we continually have to get this disease in perspective which sometimes is very difficult when we feel in pain, restricted, disappointed in progress, alone and not understood. Continue to keep us posted of your progress. Donna is so much easier to write than Zellamze!!!

Jackie x

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Yes, Zellamze is a ski resort in Switzerland . Haha! Memories a long time ago! 🙊


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