12 steps to handle stress of pmr

So I am realizing that PMR has completely overtaken my life and my husbands as well. So as I am looking for tools to handle this disease I realized I needed to fall back on what has worked for me before. For 18 years I have been a member of AlAnon and I am going to use the steps that have helped me deal with the disease of alcoholism help me manage the stress of my current condition. Step one says I am powerless over PMR and my life has become unmanageable (substituting PMR for alcohol) so I surrender and yes I am powerless . I accept and surrender and for right now that is enough.

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  • Hi bunnymom,

    Glad you have found a way to deal with PMR.

    I've never been in therapy, so cannot comment on that - a fact of life, in no way judgemental - we all deal with instances in different ways.

    However, I do think we all have to recognise we have a problem, whether that be medical, addiction, whatever, to enable us to move on. Once you've (everybody) acknowledged that, you are not powerless, but in fact the opposite. You have the power to control that problem by the way you live your life. Once you know the problem it is not unmanageable, it may be difficult but not unmanageable. So as we always say - little steps, in your own way, in your own time.

    I wish you and your family well.

  • Thank you DorsetLady. I am trying to live life to the fullest realizing that PMR will go when it goes. I cannot control the course of the disease so that is the surrender. I trust that someone greater than myself is taking care of me. Finding all of you is part of that. Wishing you well also.

  • Hi Bunnymom

    Their is no right or wrong way its just whatever works for you

    I feel I took control of PMR once I knew what was wrong with me it was a relief to have a diagnoses.

    I wont let it dictate my life .

    Still manage to work full time ,have days out ,go on holiday but have to plan things better .

    The first thing I learnt was to put myself first, something I have never done before.

    We are all individuals and PMR is not the same for everyone.

    You can only do your best

    Make sure you make some time for yourself everyday and rest when ever you need to .

    Best Wishes


  • Go to my first rheumy appt tomorrow. I will be armed with info but hoping he will have some answers.

  • Good luck

  • Hi bunnymom.

    Everything in your own time, do only what you feel you can when you can.

    God bless


  • Yes thank you and He does.

  • I think you may have something there. We are so often taught that our health is "a battle" and we have to "fight" disease. etc., when first of all in order to cope at all, we must accept....

  • Which I've been saying on the forums for nearly 7 years - and boy, have I had some stick at times!!! Accused of telling people to give in...

  • Just copied this on another post. It seems relevant here too:

    The Serenity Prayer is the common name for a prayer authored by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971). The best-known form is:

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

    Courage to change the things I can,

    And wisdom to know the difference.

  • Isn't that it in a nutshell .

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