Feet always hurt

My pain started with swollen hands, then my knees lost strength, then up my arms, and after a week A wave of pain moved across my body connecting everywhere with disabling pain down to my feet. For a month I was in bed wanting to die. As I am in the US my appointment to seean RA was 3 months out but it was moved up a month. My GP offered me an assistant who offered 10 mg of prednisone started after the first month. Tylenol and Cellebrex before that did nothing. It was a low dose to prevent osteoporosis as I am borderline. She knew nothing of PMR. Finally I saw the RA and upped it to 15 mg. My feet were the last thing to hurt and now I have had my first reduction to 12.5 after 3 weeks. My RA had his assistant be a go between and I never got to ask. If I should wait to reduce dose after I feel no pain. And is this neuropathy? I have noticed if I bump something it may have pain the next day and I am always on my feet. How can I judge if it is time to reduce if my feet hurt still a month from now?

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Sorry - I really don't know about when to reduce - but most experts want all symptoms to have improved as much as they can. However - very few people get to be totally pain-free, even on pred. Personally, I think 3 weeks is too soon to start to reduce, 6 weeks is far better in the long run. and not everyone can cope with 2.5mg at a time - but only experience tells you what suits you.

I had quite severe foot pain with PMR, it felt like I was walking on sharp pebbles mixed with broken glass! It started when I stood up and then eased slightly after a few minutes walking. It took a few months to disappear after starting pred - I suddenly realised it wasn't there! Like the deep hip pain that was bursitis I realised far later.


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