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Thanks to PMR Pro and all those others who advocated Bowen Therapy for myofascial pain. It works! Last week I had a third appointment, having felt better and then worse again. But this time The pain quite quickly receded and although there are still some residual twinges, I don't feel dependent on my walking stick this week. I will see my therapist again next week for a 'top up'.

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  • Yes, it is brilliant and so relaxing and the best thing about trying it, is that if you don't feel any benefit after three one hour sessions the Bowen Therapist tells you.

    They are so honest.

    I still go at three of six months intervals for a booster session and not only did I get rid of my walking stick, it got me out of my wheelchair.

  • As a Bowen therapist I have to thank you for posting this feedback. It is so important for us Bowen therapists to have patients spread the word about this amazing technique that can help so many ailments. I am a therapist trying to set my practise and it has been difficult to target people/find clients because many people are sceptical and also never heard of Bowen. So once again, thank you for this post!! :-) And please keep spreading the word...

    Also many people get put off of how expensive it is to have sessions weekly. Sessions are only on a weekly basis until you body needs to. Once your body is more balanced, sessions will be spaced forthrightly, monthly or just a top up, when the client feels symptoms again, and for many people is every six months!

    All the best.


  • I will keep telling people about Bowen. My rheumatologist had suggested crutches but then my therapist did a piriformis procedure which put me back on my feet.

    Good luck with your practice.

  • There is a thread on here where I was absolutely slated for advocating it - by a member of the GP community. We might as well dance naked under the moon we were told!

    There were a LOT of responses from members who have found it helps - not with the PMR itself but with the "add-ons" - so we will continue suggesting it!

  • GPs don't know everything!

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