Swollen legs and ankles- is Bowen Therapy helpful?

Does anyone have experience of using Bowen Therapy to treat fluid retention? My legs and ankles become increasingly swollen and uncomfortable during the day, making them feel very heavy and leaden which really restricts the amount of walking I feel able to do. I do elevate them when sitting down in the evenings. The swelling reduces overnight whilst sleeping and then the whole cycle starts again. I am using Doublebase cream to try and keep skin hydrated and prevent ulcers forming.

Thanks for any feedback. Linda

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  • I'm in the middle of a course of Bowen treatments and have found it does help with my feet/ankles although that's not what I went for originally. It's a bonus!

    Can you find someone who does manual lymph drainage? That might be even better.

  • thanks Polkadotcom. I'll have a look around to see what is on offer locally.


  • I have dreadful swollen feet and legs. I had Bowen Therapy which in my case did not help at all, but that may just have been me or the therapist who was not very personable. I have also tried manual lymphatic drainage and that does seem to help. I also have foot and leg massage which is fantastic.

  • Piglette - is the leg and foot massage very different to manual lymphatic drainage? How often do you have the massage treatment to keep under control?

    Thanks, Linda

  • Yes it is different in that I just have my legs and feet massaged. It really does relieve the horrible feeling though, so I suppose it is a bit of a pamper. Lymphatic drainage is really the way to improve swollen feet and legs though. I only have the massage about once a month, due to cost.

  • That's really helpful thanks. I have found a therapist quite nearby who offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage and hope to speak to her tomorrow😀

    I am so looking forward to having the pressure relieved.

  • Good luck with it. I will be interested to hear how it goes.

  • Linda, if you try Bowen and it doesn't work for you, have you tried tackling it with diet? Good diuretic-type foods are asparagus, garlic, fennel, melon and celery. If that doesn't work, then perhaps your GP can prescribe a low dose diuretic medication to help. It's good news that at least the swelling goes down overnight, so hopefully doesn't point to anything too serious. Uncomfortable though - I know from experience with BP medication.

  • Hi Celtic, Thanks for the reminder about the natural ways to tackle fluid retention with diet. I was making ratatouille this morning and added celery in there this time- not sure how it will affect the flavour but worth trying! we have an allotment and at this time of year, the courgettes and tomatoes are prolific. I do take BP medication but have been on the same product and dosage for several years without swelling problems, so think it is more likely related to pred.



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