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Chest pain??

Hello- I've been on prednisone since May- 60mg, as I had lost hearing (i know weird), sight was reduced and was unable to bend ... Well most joints. Today, I struggling to reduce below 25mg, I know it's not a race, we're all different. But, I've had recurring pain within center to right side of chest ,upon taking a DEEP breath. Sometimes to the point where a pain shoots over my right shoulder, & tears well into my eyes. I'm using my daily inhaler, no change. Any direction or commonness would be greatly appreciated by me. Also, does anyone have trouble staying hydrated, followed with leg/hand/feet cramping?

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Possibly costochondritis? (Inflammation of the cartilage joint between the ribs and the sternum).

Hearing loss with GCA isn't weird - at a recent support group meeting 5 out of 7 patients with GCA had hearing loss! If the blood supply to the optic nerve can be compromised - it isn't far to the blood supply to the auditory nerves...

If you have muscle cramps try magnesium supplements as a first approach - that is the first line attack here in mainland Europe. Pred makes you lose magnesium in your urine. Blood tests aren't an accurate assessment as the muscles give up magnesium to keep the blood level OK. You can get them at the chemist - don't take too much as it can cause the runs (think Epsom salts). Some people swear by soaking their lower legs in an Epsom salt bath - or even their whole body (if you can get out of the bath again that is!). If that doesn't work - ask the GP. Who will say it is the pred - it probably is, but what's he suggest doing about it!

It's summer - you need more to drink. If it is a case of you forget - fill a big bottle of water and leave it somewhere obvious and have a full glass to drink every hour out of it.


I have GCA that affects the blood vessels in my upper arms. A symptom I had was pain in my right should and tenderness mid collar bone. It is worth talking to your Rheumatologistjust or GP about yours.


I started getting cramp when I have never experienced it before and also my feet got fixed in positions and my fingers and I was told it might be magnesium deficiency as the Pred causes you to pee magnesium from your body. Bought some in Boots and seems to have stopped. Don't know if that is the case for you


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