alternative therapy take 2, monthly update

For those who haven't read my other posts on alternative therapy please refer to my profile. This is just an update as I know a couple of people have been interested. I'm currently at 3 mg pred, and plan to stay here a few more days before starting a slow taper to 2.5.

I've cut back the low intensity light therapy (LILT) to once a fortnight. Now that I'm at such a low level of prednisone I'm certain that this therapy helps. I don't feel the benefit right away, but usually within twenty four to forty eight hours I feel better, and it has definitely helped with the reduction. It's quite interesting that I find that after a few days of apparent struggle with the taper, suddenly I will feel much better, almost as though I've pushed through a barrier of some kind. This, I assume, has something to do with pred withdrawal. But it's worth noting that LILT has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation in diseases like RA by working directly on the cytokines, reducing inflammation-causing ones and encouraging the others. Sorry about my lack of knowledge of medical terminology.

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So pleased to read this Heron.

I have been trying to get past 3mg Pred on at least 4 occasions this year all to no avail, Remembering I take Hydrocortisone made up for me. My equivalent of my meds presently equals 3mg Pred.

I am staying put in the meantime due to right sided hip/upper thigh pain during night which has been progressively getting worse over the months. See Rheumy for my 2 monthly checkup this week.

I will be very keen to see how you go & so wish we had the same laser light therapy in NZ which has helped you.

I am trying some reflexology next week - I'm doing well despite my set backs this year & grateful that at least I am still on a low dose.

Can't wait for warmer days to get back to my daily beach walks.


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I use bowens technique. its so restfull and in my opinion it sure does the trick. when at 5 mg of perd I had 3 treatments over 4 weeks. then every 6 weeks or so I have 1 booster treatment. its a very light touch treatment and it is done over clothing,

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I know PMRpro recommends taking a look at this treatment which I am still keen to try but in saying that have not had any aches or pains during the day for sometime to necessitate a consultation - only through the night I am tender & sore presently but eases when up & about during the day.

Whilst you say your experience (I presume) was restful how else did it seem to help you?



it eased all my pain, which I had thro the day, also at night I could not turn over in bed.

and when I got up in the morning. I had to crawl about for about 10?15 minuets.

the first treatment I had I was apprehensive at getting out of bed, but guess what, I got straight out with no pain. I live in west Yorkshire, and it cost me £40, each visit well worth it for me


Hello dear PMR companions. Just checking in with monthly update to let you know my journey through the PMR quagmire continues relatively unimpeded, no doubt assisted by LILT and other health-encouraging strategies. In the first third of a taper to 2.5. Annoyed to see that I got some of those little purple marks on my arms a few days ago, despite low dose. No PMR "niggles" to speak of, although I seem to be emerging from a spell of feeling that my legs were encased in concrete. Not sure what that was all about....


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