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So, as some reading this will already know I've been getting low level light therapy as an experiment to help reduce inflammation. It had seemed helpful as I reduced from 8 to 7 mg, but no way really to know if the LLLT was helping or if I would have been okay anyway. Over Christmas there was a bit of a break, plus my physiotherapist decided she wanted to do some work on the mechanics of my neck and spine, so less time with the light. I was also attempting at that time to start reducing from 7 to 6 mg pred, via 6.5. Tried several times and seemed to be sticking at 7. Well, yesterday I had over half an hour at the stage 3 level (highest) on my lower back. I had taken 7 mg the day before and risked 6.5 yesterday morning. I have a bit of a walk to get to and from the therapist's clinic so when I got home I rested. Later in the day I realized I had a curious feeling of relief, which as I thought about it reminded me of when I first went on pred, that indescribable "this is too good to be true but I actually feel a little bit better" sensation. This morning I did not have the stiffness I'd been experiencing when flirting with 6 and 6.5 before, so I risked 6. Because I'm doing dead slow method I'm due to have a higher dose day after tomorrow, so we'll see tomorrow morning whether 6 or 6.5 is what I need. Although I had felt effects from the LLLT this is the first time that I would certainly say that a significant sensation of increased well-being has directly resulted. Please note that this therapy is not what I've seen advertised some places with a small hand-held device. The treatment I'm getting lasts for over half an hour and involves several stages and kinds of lights directed at an approximately hand-sized area of my spine during each session.

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  • I read the website info about bioflex laser. This sounds very interesting.

    So you are having this done for your PMR symptoms. Is it costly? Does insurance cover any of this treatment? Where are you going for your treatments?

    Thanks for sharing. I always am interested in alternative therapies for pain control. I really hope that this works for you.


  • It costs what the physiotherapist charges which is $65 per visit. I have some coverage (for physiotherapy), 80% of $500 annually, but I think if I then spend a further $500 completely out of my own pocket the insurance at 80% kicks in again for further charges - I've never got to that level in previous years but I certainly will this year. I note that the company is now selling a (very expensive) unit for home use, but I don't think I could use it. Very difficult to position something perfectly in the middle of one's own back!

  • Thanks for the info. I googled places in California, and there is one in San Francisco. That is only about an hour from where I live.

  • If you talk to the clinician make sure to ask if they have treated people with PMR before. My physiotherapist had done so and seen successful results but it hasn't been officially studied.

  • I have just looked at the site - if you live in the United Kingdom there is only London. If, however, you live in England there is London, Kingston in Surrey and near Stafford [sic].

    I'm very surprised to find there are none in Germany - it is a country I'd have expected to have a few at least. There are 2 in the Netherlands.

  • I get the impression from the brief history on the website that they really only started expanding beyond Toronto a few years ago. There is something on the Bioflex website that indicates low level light therapy has been used for much longer in Europe than in North America, so it is possible that there is less space, so to speak, for Bioflex to make inroads in Germany. Is Bioflex better, worse or the same as other machines?

  • I searched in German too - couldn't find much at all, other than for dermatological use which is common in Europe. Will have another look when I've time.

  • Very interested to hear about this, thanks for the link. Glad to hear you are having some success! May follow up on this shortly, but I am currently experimenting with a PEMF machine as introduced to me by another member here. On my first attempt the session made me feel nauseous but it gave me amazing energy which lasted for about twelve hours. It was quite startling as I felt just like I had before PMR, I had forgotten what it was like to feel good! Most people do not have any side effects from the treatment, but as I have had allergies for many years I know my body is extra sensitive. So I am now trying with a lower intensity machine with greater calibration capacity to see if I can fine tune it to my own " sensitive" system and produce the benefits without any side effects. I definitely need more spoons right now!

    Please continue to post updates about your experiences with the LLLT, and continued success!

  • Took 6 this morning. Have had a good day. Will plan to take 6.5 instead of 7 tomorrow. Have a treatment scheduled for the afternoon. :)

  • Some of you have been following this light therapy experiment, so I'm just updating. Have been taking 6 mg for several days. Whenever I've got to this point in the past I've felt well enough to carry on with the four day start-stop DSNS schedule, and it looks like I'll be able to do that again and head into 5.5 mg territory next week. :)

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