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I'm new I've been diagnosed approx 4 years now with PMR.

ITs been all down hill from there. I'm still on steroids and my Dr wants to get me off them. I get Symptoms but I've decided going back to her every 3 weeks I'm going to put up with the pain of it. I've also got brittle bones will osteoporosis and I have a very weak right leg and am using a stick. My Dr said to make Pip claim because I'm really unsteady, have regular falls breaking something and I've had enough. I live on a country lane with a very limited bus route and even when they do turn up I end up rolling around like a marble as the bus takes bends and hills at break neck speeds. My question is related to pip. I only claimed in the middle of April 2016 got a face to face within three weeks and I've had a text message stating I qualify for PIP and there will be a payment to my bank within 2 weeks. I know these things are individual but I really hope to be awarded enhanced rate mobility. The face to face health professional wouldn't do the physical as it was deemed as too risky for me. I can walk about 50 metres but not safely without someone else because I'm unsteady and I get dreadful hip pain. I'm very deficient in vitamin d because I don't go out on my own. I fractured my skull falling just outside the house into the garden.

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  • Hi

    I hope you do get the enhanced rate PIP however PMR is not a medical condition that they tend to favour as they feel it can be successfully be treated by medication .

    Many that have mobility problems walking with crutches and two sticks are being refused.

    Time scales to request mandatory reconsideration are changing from 4 weeks to two and even then the original award can be changed or taken away completely .

    Good luck


  • Thank you I'm aware of THE PMR diagnosis being grainy my physiotherist said it's not a diagnosis but a cop out because I do have very high inflammation markers. Something is not adding up. I've been on steroids for more than 3 years. They are adding to the osteoporosis I have a very early surgical menopause because of tumours. I was 34.

    The right leg weakness isn't due to the PMR and apart from periods of pain and stiffness and some days of extreme fatigue. PMR isn't an issue. The main problem is falling and breaking bones. There is some thing in my leg it is swollen and very painful. I can't balance without my stick or lift it and really need some help. I'm so sick of it all I just don't want to live anymore. I've broken 2 toes within 3 weeks.before that 4 ribs 3 front and I back, it was agony to even breath. It's not that I want to die and leave my children I'm just scared of living. I wouldn't have made a PIP claim myself the professionals have told me to. I'm aware that having a car will not eliminate balance issues but I could go out without being shaken to bits on the rural bus. I would also have another shot at life. Our little bus starts a bit too late Am and ends early pm. I'm quite limited to what can do and where I can go to work. I would love a job even a voluntary post would help me.

    I've been a qualified health professional but had to give up because of falls and mental health issues.

    I'm very grateful for your reply I'm scared to death to find out what rate I have qualified for.

    Thanks once again and I'm pleased to hear from you. I won't get my hopes up.

  • I am so very sorry to hear of your troubles. Do you live alone? It's hard enough finding enough support sometimes when one is relatively hale and mobile. Hopefully your situation will improve quickly. I'll send you a (very gentle) virtual hug. 💕

    Do please keep in touch with us. We care.

  • Thank you so much. I'm living with my daughter and my son.

    My son has autism and needs me to be OK.

    I'm just so nervous about the Pip. I know I've got something though so at least I have that. I don't know how people Cope with months of waiting. I didn't claim Pip so I don't really know that much.

    Thank you again I can feel the warmth of your hug already x

  • Hi

    I really hope you get a good award

    life is so unfair at times, we need to take the meds which lead onto other side effects which then have ongoing effects on our health .

    Fingers crossed you will get it and be able to use it to get around and have a better quality of life which should help improve things .

    Please let us know how things go

    you should get it backdated normally to the day you made the initial phone call .

    Best Wishes


  • Hi everyone.

    Thank you for your good wishes. I'm pleased to say that I was awarded enhanced mobility component. It's going to make my life so much better.

    A huge thank you to everyone for reading and replying. It's been a huge help throughout.

    I would like to share my expertise with the forum because my new claim was relatively straight forward. I just need to know where to share it? I'm not particularity technical.

    Best wishes to you and your loved ones (they suffer too well mine did).


  • You could write a post and put it up as a new thread.

    Or you could write it and send it to the charity - I'm not sure if they have "useful information" on the site. Certainly sending it to the NE support group site would almost certainly result in it being put on the site to be available. I could also post it in a section on the NE forum where it will be easy to find for other patients - I can easily do that by copying and pasting a post you write on here, which you are already used to doing. I'd credit it to you of course

    Here is the link for the NE site - they have a "contact us" button on the right of the headline:


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