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I have hurt my back


I have hurt my back gardening ! on Saturday

i have taken strong pain killers and i am still stiff and very sore.

I am on 5 ml of pred (started 20 ml March 2015) and have been there since end of April i was going stay on 5 until the end of June as i was doing well

I have seen that when others have up there preds when they have problems

What I wanted to know should i do that say go up to 10ml for a few days just in case i get flare and if so should i go back to 5 ?

Many thanks


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Hi Kay,

Initially I would try and treat the back pain with cold or hot spray/patches or rubs and the painkillers you are already on. Hot water bottle or electric blanket (small version) are also good. Try doing some gentle stretching exercises, anything to keep it moving, but not too strenuous.

You don't really want to use Pred as a general pain killer, or "just in case" you have a flare. Give it a few days, maybe a week, and then if you have other pains returning. (Not your over-worked back) that you think are PMR related then you may have to increase.

I know we sometimes recommend upping the dose if you are going to be in a stressful situation, but you don't want to do too often, and I wouldn't do it this scenario. Unfortunately, my back is quite weak and I'm prone to the same thing!

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There is a big difference between upping the pred because you have a return of the PMR pain due to a flare for whatever reason. This is something you could have done even without PMR and requires rest and a bit of TLC with heat/ice - whichever works for you. And it probably won't cause a flare - a real injury like a broken bone may but not always so a wrenched muscle probably won't. Wait and see.

Like DL, if I'm not careful my back has a paddy and reminds me of its existence! My response would probably be to book a Bowen therapy session! And certainly avoid gardening!!!!!


But I like gardening - trouble is gardening (if too vigorous or too long) doesn't like me.

What's that strange saying? Aahh - "all things in moderation". Must remember that! Some chance, not in my nature. 🙈😉


Many thanks DL like you I do like to be in the garden I have been doing so well lately!! Still I will be more careful in future



Yes, it's all too easy to say to yourself - I'll just plant up another pot, or weed another bed.

I try and have a sit down every so often, but as we all know -easier said than done when you get involved in something.


Thank you I will book a Bowen session good excuse 😉


I have found a wonderful side benefit to hurting my back in the garden two weeks ago. I now hire kids to work and I stand and supervise! Don't know why I didn't do it years ago. My yard looks the best ever and I can putt around deadheading etc. The back is tricky as you have to balance between taking it easy and continuing to move. Hope you feel better quickly😊

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Many thanks I just got carried away as the sun was shining lol


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