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PMR and now a heart attack

Hi guys,

I replied to a hand problem post about 3/4 weeks ago. I also stated that I was a very fit 65 year old to be this month. Whoops, just had a heart attack, two main arteries blocked, 4 stents in. And the ten most boring days in 2 different hospital rooms. Because I'm an outside, all action person, so hard doing nothing. But the doctors/staff were brilliant in Cordoba.

Now with the PMR and the heart attack medication, I have a bucket full to take.

I'm back in action again, but very gently. But I have a question please. Is there a health site like this brilliant one for heart attack after care/food/drink. Because living in Spain, it's difficult to understand all the medical terms.

Best regards to you all, Buenavista.

P.S. As my old gran used to say, when patience was handed out, I was at the back of the que. So now I have to learn to calm down, but the question is how, at my age.

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Sorry to hear about heart attack, but good news on stents!

Know what you mean about medication, my hubby had oodles after his heart attacks - unfortunately needed bypass - but recovered well and got another 17 years - in the end succumbed to cancer - ironically !

You do need to calm down - a bit - but as he was told, the heart is only another muscle, so don't treat it as if it's a piece of fine china! Use it! Now you've have 2 "good" arteries again, make the most of them, I know someone in his 80s and has stents and can walk for England..

Have a look at British Heart Foundation website, sure they'll have plenty of advice, and I suspect there is a similar forum to this, you'll just have to find it. Something to do whilst you have your mandatory afternoon rest!

Take care, and I'm sure you'll be up and about before you know it!

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Very sorry to hear about your heart attack but wish you all the best in your recovery.

If you click on my communities to the right of your name above your letter, there is a drop down with a plus sign saying 'browse communities ' click on that and you will see other health sections keep scrolling down as there are numerous sections. Select one that is suitable and click on it.

As Dorset Lady says the British Heart Foundation is an excellent website.

All good wishes

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Never to old to learn Buenavista! Sorry to hear about your heart attack - you're the second person I've heard about today - do hope there isn't another! The other is in the north of England - so I have no doubt his restrictions are different from yours. However - it isn't the beginning of an invalid life, you'll be back to normal very soon.

might fit the bill - this site also has a PMRGCA forum by the way which you might like to have a look at. The site was set up by doctors for doctors originally but it has spread its wings. There are also lots of patient info leaflets available there too with explanation in people-speak not medi-speak. It is very reliable and well moderated - don't hesitate to report anything you are unhappy about.

This is from the British Heart Foundation - no idea how good or bad it is though

As for buckets of heart medication - me too, due to atrial fibrillation. There doesn't appear to be a suitable forum on here but if there are any questions I might be able to answer do ask - send a pm anytime you like. If I can't answer it I'll do my best to find somewhere that can. I speak fluent German but occasionally I end up with an Italian doctor and then I'm in the same position as you! Non comprendo! It isn't meant to happen, this is an autonomous bilingual region but... We have hilarious conversations at times where the nurse who is there to interpret speaking Italian and German but the doctor can speak Italian and English and I can speak English and German...

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Sorry to hear this, Buenavista - thank goodness we live in an age of amazing heart surgery, what with transplants, stents, artificial valves, pacemakers etc. I hope you manage to calm your life to give those stents every opportunity to serve you well for many years to come - Tai Chi is a very calming therapy as is Mindfulness. Have a very happy 65th birthday and here's to many more.

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Morning guys,

Many thanks for all your kind replies. i knew you were the guys for the job. My wife is checking everything out that you recommended.

I can sympathise with PMRpro, as, me being in a Spanish hospital, Spanish nurses throwing questions 100 miles an hour and me being deaf in my left ear and only 50% in my right. We had many strange conversations.

So far, I've had no reaction to PMR over the operation. I'm still on 3.5mg a day. I love this site, it's the first thing I read every day.

Have a great weekend and I'd like to leave you with a quote from the late, great Muhammad Ali. 'live every day like it's your last, because some day you're going to be right'. So enjoy every day.

Best regards to you all,



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