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New Diagnosis

Hi everyone,

Many months ago i came on this site when a specialist thought i had PPRG and i was started on a weeks trial of steroids which made no diference.

Moving forward i have now been diagnosed withh primary progressive ms. My specialists and myself were going down the wrong road completley. Its a releif to finally get a diagnosis and hopefully treatment for my symptoms although there are no meds that can slow down the progression of ms.

I thought i would post this as it could help others when trying to get a diagnosis when sometimes symptoms and test results are overlooked.

Thanks Christine

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Sorry to hear the verdict in the end - and I do hope they are able to relieve at least some of your symptoms. I do know what you mean about the relief at getting a diagnosis and label even when it is a not entirely pleasant one.

Ocrelizumab is looking hopeful for PPMS and it was expected to be submitted for marketing authorisation about now - so fingers crossed that it does turn out to be helpful in slowing the progression.

All the very best to you for the future.

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Thank you for keeping us updated and wish you well in the future .

Take Care


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So sorry for that diagnosis you received. Thank you for posting as we all want to learn and these auto immune diseases are so unpredictable.


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