Has anyone taken Prolia for bones? I took my first shot today. I have read some awful side effects and would like to know if anyone in this group has used this medication. I was unable to take anything orally. This was a last resort but not looking forward to the next six months. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you. I don't know if it is called Prolia in your part of the world.

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  • About one month ago, I had my second injection of Prolia (Denosumab). No negative reactions on this or the previous occasion. I have had PMR for almost two years. In the first year I refused to take any kind of bisphosphonate but after a year my osteopaenia had pretty much moved into the osteoporotic range, so I decided to opt for Prolia rather than a bisphosphonate. I do Pilates, Tai Chi and various forms of weight-bearing exercises and had hoped I could avoid osteoporosis, but this was not to be. On the other hand, I have been spared many of the other downsides of this disease and side effects of prednisone. I am still able to work full time and do all of my pre-PMR activities (albeit on a more moderate scale in a number of cases). Like you, I read the pros and cons of Prolia, but I felt I could not risk letting my bones decline any further. I am hoping that as the disease subsides and with lower doses of prednisone (now 6.5mg), my exercise will help and I can get off of the Prolia. I am not sure of long-term effects (or advantages) of Prolia but I can at least say I have suffered no side effects. (I know of a couple of other people also on it and they have not had any side effects either.)

  • Polkadotcom has been on it with no problems at all for over 2 years. Her bone density is back to acceptable range and she has recently has a successful hip replacement and even more recently a new knee (which is why I'm posting this in case she is still in hibernation).

  • Thank you pro. Only 2 days and I already have total body pain especially back and fatigue. One day at a time perhaps it will not get worse. just need to find the energy to get up and out. Thanks again

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