Have I been expecting to much

I starting on 15 mg prednisolone after a hiccup (running out of pills for a few days)

I felt good for about a week and now I,m sore again and walking so slow again ...

should I go back to the doctors and let him know or just give a othe week and see if the pain goes away again as in a week I have to cut down to 12half mg

thanks Jan

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  • My experience is to go up just 1 mg now yourself as this might be enough. I would not go down if you are in pain , go back and explain your problem so you stay on at least your present dose for a few weeks longer. You have to find your own level and reduce in little steps. Hope this helps.

  • Hi

    You do need to rest and pace yourself, are you trying to do as much as you did before PMR. it is early days still and maybe the preds have not yet got the inflammation under control .

    Even on days when you feel better and do too much this will have repercussions next day or few days later as I found to my experience last week.

    Others with years of experience will tell you all the technical stuff my brain fog not up to that .

    Take Care


  • If you have problems do not reduce, it will only end in tears. You need to let the pred get the inflammation under control before reducing. I should have a blood test then before you reduce. You may also be better reducing in smaller amounts such as 1mg at a time.

  • I will need to learn to slow down and just leave some jobs that can wait ..

    can stress bring on pain as I have a teenage daughter and she doing her GSSE now so things a bit stressful right now


  • Short answer - yes! PMR loves a bit of stress. As others have said don't even thing about reducing next week. Get yourself out of pain first, and then reduce by only 1mg at a time - 2.5mg is probably too big a step. But you need to help yourself, don't try and carry on as pre PMR, your body can't do it, even if the brain thinks it can. 

    Might also be worth trying a slow reduction plan as well - if you aren't already. 

    Good luck - to you and your daughter. 

  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply I so glad I found this form and has helped me get by the last few weeks ,I.m sure I will need it over the coming months ..



  • You will probably need longer at 15mg - tell the doctor if you still have symptoms.

    But DON'T  go back to normal activity because you feel better - you have to do your part as your muscles are still intolerant of acute exercise. Do things in small bites and rest - this is early days.

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