Are you entitled to a Blue Badge for the car with PMR?

Just recently been diagnosed with PMR and my GP has told me I may be entitled to a Blue Badge for the car, as my mobility is very bad at the moment, but its up  to the Council. I have now got the relevant paperwork and it doesnt look to me that I would be allowed one as I would hope to get better than I am now and hopefully its not permanent albeit that it could take a long time. Has anyone been awarded a Blue Badge for this as I am wondering whether it is worth filling the 18 page form in.

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  • Hi

    If I were you I would complete the application form and see I have done this in the past for customers where I live their is a 3 month wait for a medical at present.

    You have nothing to lose the blue badge does not stipulate what illnesses qualify for Blue Badge only that you must have mobility problems.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi carried. Yes it is worth filling your forms. I got my blue badge when I was diagnosed two years ago. Tell them that you are in constant in pain and unsteady on your feet, get your doctor to sign it and send it off. You should get your badge within two weeks. 

  • Hi,

    The onus is your mobility, or rather the lack of it!  

    As you rightly say, you are hoping to improve. There is no harm in filling it in, but there is no guarantee that you will get it, there is a element of discretion, as PMR is not regarded as a degenerative disease. However, they can be awarded as a temporary thing, so you could get one on that basis   

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 

  • I got one 18 months ago, filled in the form giving answers as honestly as I could. Told I would probably need assessed by occ health person but phone call next day telling me I had been awarded it and to come and pay my £20. Don't think I had 18 pages and GP didn't have complete it but did have to give all diagnoses. I am in Perthshire so maybe different where you are. Best thing I have done getting that badge. Good luck CarrieP

  • Applied and got one straight away.  On bad days it is fantastic.  Simply told the truth - one trip into Sainsburys means I have to retire to bed for the rest of the day.  It's true though that some of the questions are not geared towards pmr. Good luck

  • I certainly would complete the form, even tho' it may, hopefully, be temporary. I think the rules were changed within the past few years, it used to be via your GP but they are not involved now except to give you an opinion. I have a feeling that it is possible to do it online, then depending on one's answers it may entail a medical or such follow up.I did mine a couple of years ago with a Council official over the phone after applying online, as I have several possible qualifying conditions, answering questions. I have a horrible feeling that it's yet another of those things that has grey areas & depends very much on the local authority & the individual who takes your information.

    Why don't you 'google' - BLUE BADGE APPLICATION - & see what up to date info. you can glean ?

    Good luck !

  • In the Netherlands you get such a card only if you cannot walk 100 meters.

    I can walk 100 meters with pain but cannot walk more than 15 min and if I overdo it, meaning walking more than 10 minutes then I am in so much pain in my feet that I cannot sleep or walk for 2 days.

    But no blue badge for me thus meaning sometimes parking so far away that I simply cannot go into the shop or whatever anymore.

    I have UCTD diagnosis and am always p-anca positive since I'm sick (5 years, I'm 41 now).

  • I live in Italy - where they even make it difficult for someone in a wheelchair to get a badge! Mind you, the disabled spaces are rarely close to the shop door - you still have miles to walk...

    In the UK it depends on the local authority - some will provide them without a fight, others won't. So I would try it and see how you get on. They are rarely permanent and you are supposed to notify them when you don't need it any longer. 

    I had PMR for 5 years before getting pred and a Blue badge would have been a life-saver but without any diagnosis there was no chance. It wasn't until I had a major flare at the same time as I had to stop driving for another reason that I realised just how much I depended on being able to drive somewhere and being able to park close by. If I couldn't I just went home again!

  • Hi, I have a blue badge but other conditions as well as PMR and GCA. You may get some guidance from

    I would definitely apply if you struggle with mobility. The blue badge system is a real blessing to those genuinely in need. However, there are others who abuse the system which then makes the application process more challenging for all.

    Hopefully you won't need it long term but then you can always return it, so apply and good luck.

  • When I filled mine in and went for the interview, eight years ago, I told them I hoped I would be able to hand it back, unfortunately that has not been possible. Hope you cope with this horrible condition. 

  • In the year when I was walking with a stick, before my hip replacement I would have liked a blue badge, but in England they are not given for temporary conditions, whereas in Scotland they are. So if you live north of the Border, you might be eligible.

  • Hello Carrie

    I live in the US and my Doctor just signed a 1page form and that's what they go by. It's been a Godsend. Who are others that question our ability? It should be the doc's call. Sure I have some good days, but then I don't use it The authorities should walk a mile in our shoes!

  • Wow, these comments make me understand how fortunate we are where I live.  Haven't needed an accessible parking permit myself (yet) but there always seem to be plenty of spaces, plus now some of the supermarkets and malls have started designating "senior" spaces, as well as spots for pregnant and new parents.  The "senior" designation came in handy one day recently when we were in a very full parking lot, spied a space, got there, hearts sinking when we saw "senior" painted in the space, then brightened up when we realized we qualified!  

  • Have to say when I googled my extremely painful shoulders etc a year ago I decided it was due to too much exercise particularly yoga and the downward facing dog! Completely ignored the references to PMR as all said disease of "the elderly".  Oh well, at least the GP was on the ball about problems "ladies over fifty" get. Hey ho. 

  • When I googled my symptoms in 2014 I did come up with PMR but I rejected it as something far more serious than anything I could possibly get, especially if it had to be treated with steroids, and at the time I had a GP who was distinctly not on the ball!

  • Before I even finished apologising for being in consulting room GP had pretty much decided I had PMR, but I was going "no, no it's just that I've increased exercise"(after feeling so miserable & weary for ages) always been very robust before. A year on and 10 X better on pred, though feeling a bit weary again now down to 5mg/4.5mg. Slowly does it I guess. 

    No senior parking spots here and although more pot bellied now don't think pregnant or new parent ones would help me either,   however on higher pred dosages I did get lots of comments of how well and young I looked! Tried to convince myself no moon face but it was obviously there and people were being kind. 

    All good wishes 

  • I have one. I didn't have to get Dr to fill anything in but I did have to go and be assessed. I was told to walk down the corridor and into the car park, but remember you have to know when you have done half was as you must walk back bin. I probably could have walked a bit further then. Mine is only for three years then it has to be reviewed again. I now have RA as well and am much worse so it is worth doing.

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