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Any private Rheumatologist recommended in Midlands for possible PMR.... Dr David Rees?

I have had severe pain for several years and responded quite well to steroids (despite seriously over doing my activities).

I wish to see a Rheumatologist who can consider my age (43years) and being atypical etc.

Can anyone recommend a good one?

I live South of Bham. 

I saw Dr David Rees listed at Nuffield Hereford - any views?

Thank you.

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His colleague at Hereford County Hospital, Dr Peall, is very good.  My husband who has GCA , has been seeing Dr Peall for over two years . He is well informed , up to date  and takes time to explain and LISTENS to the patient .

 Prior to meeting Dr Peall we were living in France where we were benefitting from extremely good health care and we had some trepidation about transferring back into the UK NHS...   we have been very pleasantly surprised .


Thank you  Essujay. Great to hear of a recommended one. 


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