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How long do you start feeling better

Went back to the doctor this morning after looking at my blood result  being all normal

At last the new doctors is listen to me and has put me on 5mg of prednisolone so I am hoping I start feeling much better and if not I can rule out PMR and he said if i don't feel better he will do more blood test and find out what wrong with me.

How long does it take to start feeling better then taking prednisolone if you have PMR ?

cheers Jan

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I was only diagnosed about six months ago but from my experience and reading, typically folks are started on 15 mg and feel better within 24 hours.


5mg? Really? You probably won't feel much better on such a low dose. The starting dose is generally a minimum of 15mg. 


thanks annodomini

Now I don't understand why give me 5mg if it's not going to make me feel better ....... maybe I was hoping for to much I just want the pain to to go away .



Well it helps if they start with the proper dose - 5mg won't do a lot and he can't "rule out PMR" on that. Some people feel better on 10mg but 15mg is the usual starting dose.

Take this to the doctor

Recommendation 3 is the relevant one

and this

and ask to be allowed to take 15mg 

You could ring the surgery and ask to speak to the doc - "Sorry, did you miss the 1 off?"

PS - I felt a massive difference in 6 hours, I could move almost freely but still had some pain. Others take a few days, still others need 20mg. 


thanks PMRpro

I don't want to be too pushy ( maybe that's how it has take three years to get this far )

the doctor is listen to me and put me on prednisolone and book in to see him in two weeks time and he did say that he will put the dose up if i didn't feel better .

I will print that out and take with me if I don't feel any better and ask him to put me to 10mg or 15mg

I just glad I getting somewhere and there's a hope one day soon i will be pain free

thanks again everyone for all your help

just been round and pick up my pills and my mistake he said he give my 5mg but silly me I thought just to take one a day but I have to take three a day .......... so hope I will feel much better soon

thanks for the links PMRpro ....... just going to read them

cheers jan


All sounds good! It may take a day or two - everyone is different so you can't say. It's maybe a bit late now to take some today but take all 3 tablets as early as you can tomorrow morning and see how it goes. Lots of us wake early, take the tablets (with a yoghurt or a glass of milk) and settle down for another couple of hours. By then the tablets should be working if they are the plain white sort.

Fingers crossed!


I felt like a miracle had happened within twenty four hours. I could not believe the fact I could actually live my life again. I had forgotten how to get out of bed normally, as I had a complex system of actually getting onto my feet. I would stand up from a chair waiting for the pain and it did not come. I think back and just hope that I never have to go through that again. Good old pred! 


I remember the third morning when I was puttering around suddenly aware I'd got out of bed without having to plan every move! 


I was started on 10mg last October, I went from having to be pulled out of bed in the mornings to dancing at a wedding 3 days later. Am now on 9mg, went down to 8 but pains started creeping back. Rheumy said go back to 9 for a few weeks then go to 8.5.


Wow ......after just over 24 hours taking the pills I still feel a bit sore in my lower back and shoulders but nothing like I was feeling a few days ago I don't have to pull myself out of bed and found much easier to get my self dress this morning and I even went a cycle last just two miles but I feel much better and hoping the pain goes away in the next few days

Thanks for all your help everyone

Cheers Jan


Just be careful to pace yourself, and it's all good! 


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