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Hi I have prior to steroids suffered from slight breathlesness on excretion due I believe that I am in a/f but on trying to cut down the steroids I have had really bad trouble with breathlesness on two occasions where it lasted all night 

Has any one else had this kind of problem 

I have been told I had cut down to fast but that wasn't my fault as I was told just to cut down have gone back to 10mg was down to 15 and in three weeks took it down to 3 mg 

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If you think you have a/f then you need to get it identified and sorted out. It can be a serious risk factor for stroke or heart attack - the fibrillation stirs up any sludge at the bottom of the ventricles (chambers in the heart) and there may be clots amongst it. If they get into the blood vessels they can cause trouble. One essential part of management of a/f is an anticoagulant such as warfarin or one of the newer ones.

I have a/f which the cardiologist believes was caused by the autoimmune part of PMR. My GP in the UK was not very helpful when I complained of palpitations - of course it never happened when I was at the doctor! He told me to call 999 if it happened and lasted more than a few minutes or I got concerned. OTT I thought at the time - but 999 calls for query cardiac problems get a quick response from a paramedic with an ECG machine so they have a better chance of getting the evidence anyway. If they find a/f you will be taken to a hospital and should get the right treatment - because they have the evidence.

The breathlessness due to exertion before pred MAY be the PMR. it makes your muscles unable to tolerate exercise and when they are short of oxygen, all the more likely during exertion, you will feel breathless as your body signals it needs more. But that shouldn't apply for the night time breathlessness - that is more concerning. 

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Thanks for replying 

I have been in a/f for a number of years and yes I am on warfarin my concern was the night prob might have been withdrawal symptoms where I had cut steroids down to quick 

I hope it was that and things might sort themselves out 


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