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NHS public consultation on Tocilizumab in GCA

NHS public consultation on Tocilizumab in GCA

Tocilizumab is one of the new generation of 'biologic' drugs which are being developed to treat a range of diseases, including inflammatory autoimmune conditions, like GCA and PMR. It has been used in a small number of GCA patients to see whether it could help reduce the risk of relapse and help reduce the cumulative dose of steroids over time. It has appeared to be particularly promising for people who don't have a good reaction to prednisolone. Of course, it is mega-expensive! But the drug company Roche has been engaged in international trials for a couple of years and we are eagerly awaiting the results. However, the National Health Service has decided to put the use of TCZ out for public consultation from now until July. Do have a look at the documents if you are interested, and respond to the consultation if you feel moved to!


If you are interested, the consultation documents are here - just scroll down to find GCA in the list:

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Is this being put out now in the hope of preempting the results of the on-going study?

I suppose if this goes through now it will be a case of waiting until 2020 when TCZ comes out of patent protection.


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