Tooth decay

I've just had a molar tooth out which has needed to come out for some years but as it was cracked right through neither my dentist nor I were keen to tackle it, waiting until it started to cause me a little discomfort before biting the bullet. Unwise I know! There was considerable decay in it and I've just been wondering if that could possibly exacerbate inflammation in the rest of the body. Wouldn't it be wonderful if my PMR disappeared with my decayed tooth......well one can dream.......!!

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  • Oh, Scoda, I wish it was the case, but it isn't for me - I've had several extractions since moving down here, but I remain in the PMR world!

  • I had a rather irritating wisdom tooth removed a couple of years ago - it was obviously affecting my bite and much of my back problem pain has disappeared, the back muscles are no longer under stress. That is wonderful!

    But the PMR? Nah - still there...

  • A bit silly your dentist did not send you to the nearest hospital for extraction if the root was fractured (there's no way to save a root-fractured tooth). There has been some comments / reports on autoimmune disease(s) triggered by dental infections. Do you experience hair thinning? I do feel that PMR is an immune disease hence, any infection would affect you adversely.

  • Yes my hair has become thinner. Is there a connection?

  • Yes, especially, on the same side of your infected tooth is reported to get thinner. Have you noticed any difference?

  • That's weird! The hair on the same side as my decayed tooth is noticeably thinner!

  • Dental Infection, especially a chronic infection can be a trigger leading to autoimmune response in nearby tissues (usually, on the same side). Hope you get better soon!

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