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Thank you all for your input re my eye problem. I know about dry eye and the problems with watering, had just forgotten. My husband had the same problem and had Viscotears prescribed by our GP, which seemed to work. I have some here to hand so will try them.

Re the pressure, I think that this is coming from all the fat deposited around my eyelids, and now starting underneath the eyelids as well. I will try to get in touch with my Rheumy's secretary today and see what he thinks. The waiting list for the hospital appointments is nearly 12 months at themoment, so if I am worried I will present myself at A&E and let them deal with it.

Thank you again.


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The fat that is buildimg up in your eye socket, presses your eyes a little bit out of position. The result is that your eyelids can't close properly, specially when you sleep. Therefore, the surface of the eye will dry out. It's important to use some type of eye lubricant to prevent ulcers.


Interesting post Jean! In my own case of recovering from PMR, I finally lost the moonface and even the buffalo hump went down, but the one thing that has stuck has been the puffy eyes. I used to do quite an aggressive cleaning routine on my eyelids with baby shampoo, but just lately I've been using Blephagel. It's cool and quite soothing. I find if I use it before bedtime my eyes aren't so dry in the morning.

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Hi Kate.

Will make a note of that and get some Blephagel from my chemist. Thank you for your input.


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