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Living a nightmare

Just back from follow up at GP - I have a biopsy on Thursday then rheumatologist next week.

Since last week jaw pain and pins and needles right side of face and pain around temporal artery.

I was taking 40 mg of prednisilone for the last 3-4 weeks now back up to 50mg today !

My 83 year old mam very ill and I'm stressed but GP doesn't buy into stress affecting the GCA .

Cholesterol gone up with the steroids so he's changed my statin.

BP rising - does it get better - no - he noticed my round face as well!,

Moan over - get on with it

Thanks for listening

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He may not buy into it - but plenty of people have the t-shirt unlike him! He hasn't even seen the film yet.

They are aware, I hope, that after a month of high dose pred the chances of a positive biopsy are even lower than they are anyway. Why weren't you sent to the rheumy immediately, pre-biopsy? Or were you and I've missed an instalment?

Come and have a moan any time - no-one here minds. Good luck on Thursday and all the best for your mam.


Carry on moaning - it's what get us through life!

I'll be slightly less kind than PMRpro about your GP - what a pillock! He wants to ask the people on here about stress and GCA /PMR.

Hope thing soon improve for you, and your mam.

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I was tempted to say something similar - but I have been accused of doctor-bashing in the past. OTOH - might as well have been hung for a sheep as a lamb I suppose ;-)

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Like me I don't hold back - I made the first appt of the afternoon as this Gp always runs late - and he was still 30 mins late - he got quite irate when I challenged him as to why - but he had to eat his lunch in his room !

He's not used to being questioned !


Being late for the first appointment does need a good excuse. Here we don't get appointments - you turn up and wait. If you wait ages you know it was something complicated - and you will get the same treatment when it is required.

But this "don't question me..." attitude should be so last year - we are also intelligent people. I expect to be treated as an equal - possibly not always at the same knowledge level but at least credited with some common and politeness costs nothing.


I remember years ago when I was working, my line manager wrote on my report "Sue doesn't suffer fools gladly"., and "she calls a spade a spade" Didn't do much for promotion, but you are what you are! And we actually got on quite well!

You'll be pleased to know I've mellowed nowadays, but still dont give a damn at times .....!

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Told you - twins separated at birth!

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Of course stress makes our condition worse. In fact I would go as far as to say it is the main trigger.I am constantly fighting off a huge cocktail of drugs offered by my doctor ( the only trick up their sleeve). Each of these drugs have grim side effects and God knows what the interactions are. Sometimes all we need is a kind word and a cuddle. Sending you just that from Sheffield. I hope your lovely mam picks up soon. She's lucky to have you.


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