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Pelvic girdle pain

This is my first post , have been following this site for a couple of months and find it excellent, very informative and supportive.

I have had pain in hips, lower back, knees and thighs for about 9months, have had steroid injections to knee twice but only lasted about 2 weeks and pain returned.

In October I had severe pain in shoulders and arms, and realised I had PMR. GP started me on 15mgs pred , Alendronic acid, Adcal-D3 and Co Codamol 30/500 for pain and next morning I was nearly pain free. This lasted for about 2 weeks and then I developed severe pain in hips, back, thighs and knees. My mobility was poor, sleeping was difficult. After 2 weeks I returned to GP, thought my pain may be due to side effects so discontinued everything except pred and Omeprazole. The pain has not subsided and I see my GP tomorrow. My thoughts are I may have vasculitis or myofascial pain syndrome. I am sure my pain is muscular and not bony.

Had anyone else got any ideas as to what my pain may be, I would be glad of some help.

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PMR is a vasculitis - and I think you could be right about the myofascial pain syndrome but first why not stop the omeprazole too? If other medication was a thought - it can cause all those pains as well. Many of us use just yoghurt and taking pred in the middle of breakfast because of problems with PPIs which aren't uncommon. Or you could use ranitidine/Zantac which does the same as a PPI but has fewer side effects.

When you started the pred did you also adjust what you were doing? Your muscles remain intolerant of acute exercise and you can't just go back to normal activities - the pred is only managing the inflammation to reduce the pain and stiffness, the real illness is still going on in the background. Do too much or the wrong things and you will find PMR will come back and bite you.

I have been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome (at the local pain clinic, by an anaesthetist who is a pain specialist) and have had various treatments to manage it - I live in German-speaking Italy and they use therapies that I have no idea how you could access them in the UK. I have had cortisone injections into my back muscles - you might get that I suppose - and also a technique called quaddling (needling in English) which another lady on the forum has also had from her physio in Canada. Both were very helpful. I have also had manual mobilisation of the trigger points - done by a sports massage therapist and by physiotherapists which although a bit long winded does work. But one of the easiest to access has been Bowen therapy which also made a massive difference for me and a few of my friends with similar problems. It won't do anything for the PMR - but it often will help the other muscular bits.


I looked up omeprazole on and pain, muscles and/or joints, is actually one of the possible side effects. Were you on AA because your bone scan indicated you were at imminent risk of fracture? I do hope you get this sorted soon. Pain is so very tiring, isn't it? It must be particularly discouraging as you had such a good initial response to the treatments. All the best.


Mgord02,male 80,PMR sufferer3 years. down to 13 mg pred. Holding my own and then pain in hips down both legs, feet. Considered it to be a flare upped pred to 15mg.made no difference, increased paracetomol to 1 x3 on Drs orders Did not help just treated it as back pain but I believed it to be Sciatica from symptoms. That was 12 weeks ago. last few weeks bad lower back pain, downlegs, numbness and weakness and now I know what pain is. and I almost forgot in the buttocks! Painful to turn in bed sit down gently or'WoWcher!' Physio is looking at Spinal Stenosis. linedup xray/scan and back pain clinic in next few days.Dr increased PK to 1.5x4 tabs co-codomol/day, and 'Andrews'.weak stumbling until 'new medication'I hope. That's my experience.

Wish you well ,John


Most people respond positively to 15 mg preds as a starter dose, but I and many others did not and had to go up to 30mg, Just a suggestion, for me it took all the pain and stiffness away - I was even able to stop taking co-codamol for arthritis in my knees. That was in June, after 6 weeks at that dose, and by reducing slowly I am now down to 18mg., with no bad reactions or flare ups. Good Luck.


Don't think my reply was posted but just want to say a big thank you to all who answered my queries. GP has referred me to Rheumatologist, only one in the north of Scotland so goodness knows when my appt will be! I have made an appt with Bowen Therapist early Jan and at the moment I am plodding on. I was always very active and finding PMR difficult to deal with but luckily I have always had a positive attitude and that is helping, plenty support from my partner and family.

Hope everyone on the forum has a lovely restful Christmas and a healthy 2016


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