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Some advice please. Since diagnosed GCA in January this year I haven't been abroad on holiday. But husband would like us to go in the new year. What exactly should I tell Insurance companies? If I say GCA will they understand? As we all know GCA is a really just a " coverall" term, do I have to give them details. Also do I tell them about Pred and the many dude effect? Obviously I need to tell them something but fear the more information I give the higher the premium will go, yet I need to tell them enough to make sure they will pay up in the event if me being ill. Thanks

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  • "but fear the more information I give the higher the premium will go" - very possibly, but if you DON'T tell them something and you have a claim they are likely to quote "full disclosure" and refuse to pay out whether the claim has anything to do with what you told them or not! That can then become VERY expensive!

    They have a list of conditions which should have GCA on it, if it doesn't it will be under vasculitis. Go to the Vasculitis UK forum on here for good advice - it is a common question on their forum and I'm fairly sure they have a list of helpful companies on their website. You may need to go to a specialist company but even if an ordinary company will cover you there will be questions to be answered for clearance. Specialist companies are sometimes cheaper in the end - they are often more aware of risk/lack of risk and have heard of the various diseases before. I don't think you have to list the medications AND the side effects though. Medications, probably.

  • No problem in getting insurance with GCA. Just type it in under existing conditions - it may come up with PMR, but no matter. Don't usually ask any subsidiary questions. Mine was more concerned with my arthritis than GCA.

    Not much of an increase in premium. Don't consider not telling them about any pre existing medical condition.

  • Hi - I have RA and GCA, and have holidayed in Greece frequently since diagnosis. I have never had a problem getting insurance on declaring both conditions, though several companies had not heard of GCA! Never asked for details. As Pmrpro and Dorsetlady say, much safer to declare all. This October I cut my leg badly in Greece and had stitches and medication. I always take my EHIC card as back-up as I once had bad shingles on Rhodes and got a very expensive payout when I got back, but this year the rules changed and you can only claim while still in the country.

    .enjoy your hols!

  • Thank you all for your help. Yes, I think it prudent to declare all. Including the High Blood pressure, high cholestorol, high calcium, Hematuria. And anything else i get in the meantime..... At the moment every time I have bloods done they find something else wrong! 😞

  • I had to declare ( a newly diagnosed) GCA half way through my insured year as we were planning to go away again in September. My premium went up by about 15%.

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