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New drug to trial

Ok so I have now got my new prescription and its leflunomide and I have to take 1 X 20mg tablet a day. I have also been prescribed Adcal-D3 Lemon tabs which I'm supposed to chew 2 a day. I've been told, and read, that it takes up to 6 weeks before any benefit might be noticed. Preds upped from the 12.5 to 15mg and symptoms are slightly better but still quite stiff and painful in the mornings in particular. Let's hope I can tolerate the leflunomide as I had problems with methotrexate, azathriapine and mycophenalte! Doc has signed me off for a month and I'm quite relieved about that I was doing half days, struggling, and then having crap days for the rest of the time. At least this way I seem to be able to enjoy life a bit more, and I mean just a bit at the moment.

Would quite like to hear of anyone's experience with leflunomide?

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I imagine there won't be many people on this forum on it - I do know a couple who were tried on it for PMR but they don't use the forums. If you put up a post on a rheumatoid arthritis forum you will probably get some opinions and experiences.

The Arthritis Research UK website has an info page if you haven't been given much to read about it.


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