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Under the Weather?

Since our balmy autumn changed to wet and windy weather, I have become progressively more achey. Is it an old wives' tale that the weather affects our joints and muscles? Or it is purely coincidence that the about-turn in the weather has happened at about the time I started a reduction from 5 to 4.5 mg of pred? I don't want to believe that I am having a flare, but I haven't had such aches in shoulders, biceps and wrists for quite a long time. I think I will persevere with the 4.5mg unless things get any worse.

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I typed: Does the weather affect rheumatic conditions? into the Google search bar and got a lot of hits from legitimate medical sites. No, you are not imagining it. What can you do to make sure you keep your limbs warm as you don't want to trigger a real PMR flare?


I always find that cold weather doesn't suit me, doesn't matter what kind of cold (cold winds or frost) it is. Too hot doesn't suit me either.

I have never discounted the affect of the weather on me and my rheumy agrees, says all the rheumatics begin creeping out of the woodwork in October. We've had a wonderfully mild autumn here and it's been a blessing.

It's due to turn colder at the weekend, or so they say. I'd better go hunting for scarves and gloves. Not to mention hats.

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No - not an old wives tale at all. A study was done last year that showed a link between weather and rheumatic pain. The Germans have acknowledged it for years - some weather forecasts even quote the bio-weather and say who may have problems. There are various arguments put forward for the causes in rheumatics - it's obvious with cold weather and cardiac problems or pollen and asthma/hayfever.

Of course if you went back to 5mg and it went away you would get a good indicator! There are some people who find they need a higher dose in the winter than in the summer.

I hate to have to say it, but I've just been looking at the outlook forecasts for the beginning of next week - the whole of Europe has to expect a drop in temperatures after the weekend. Once this grotty weather is past the pressure directions will very likely lead to a blast of Arctic air for a few days - winter draw(er)s on...


Gloves, scarves and boots at the ready! An osteopath once told me that changes in atmospheric pressure caused the fluid inside joints to expand with low pressure and cotract with high pressure. Not sure I believed him as he misdiagnosed a back problem I had at the time.


I had often found that my osteoarthritis seemed worse in warm weather. I guess that wasn't noticeable this summer as I was on pred!


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