Under the weather?

My joints usually tell me when the weather takes a turn for the worse. An osteopath once told me that this is because a decrease in atmospheric pressure causes a corresponding increase in the fluids within the joints. The last few days of continuous rain have made my shoulders more achey than they have been for some time. Do other people have this experience?

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  • Hi Anno,

    Yes I get it lots. I take a couple of ibuprofen a day until it improves.


  • Thanks Pats,

    Good news is that it's stopped raining after almost 3 days. But am still a bit stiff.

    I have to be content with paracetamol because I have excess stomach acid even without the pred. Yesterday I had an appointment with my GP. I'd had a blood test and it was pretty good though the CRP is still slightly raised. I've been on 5mg for a couple of months and we agreed that I could try 4 and 5 on alternate days, effectively 4.5. Fingers crossed. Other problem is that my BP is borderline but I am hoping that this is just a side effect of the pred as it has never been a problem for me before - even when pregnant.


  • Hi Anno,

    You sound as if you've got a good GP who's really got a handle on this illness.

    Pred can certainly raise the BP. Mine is certainly higher than it used to be. I take low dose meds for it even though I'm on 8mg at the mo. Trying desperately to reduce. Maybe next time I'll be lucky.


  • Had to laugh Anno....lucky you still being able to cross your fingers ;-)

  • Yes, I do feel affected by the weather and find that I cannot cope with the cold any longer. Cold and rain often go together. A Physio advised keeping warm at all times to help the muscles and my sister-in-law(an arthritis sufferer) told me about a wheat bag which can be heated in the microwave and wrapped round the shoulders. I found this helped enormously to relieve the aches last winter particularly when a dose drop coincided with cold weather.

    Roll on the spring!


  • Hi PatM

    I usually wear a fleece jumper and trousers around the house when the temperature falls and I have an electric heat pad - a bit like a mini electric blanket - which is a great comfort when I'm sitting in front of the TV. Unlike the wheat bag it doesn't cool down. I'm grateful for the pensioners' heating allowance too.


  • Thanks Pats. Yes, the GPs in our practice are pretty good and prepared to trust me with my medication - I also have phone advice from my medical adviser (my sister) in NZ who also seems to know a lot about it.

  • Can't hardly walk today in this wet wet weather we are experiencing! Hate to be reminded so vehemently that I am chronic when respite in warmer weather makes me believe I am recovering......sneaky sneaky disease !! More painkillers please........

  • Know how you feel, JC. Not sure if I feel extra achey today because of the weather or because I am in transition to a lower dose of pred.

  • Not something I had thought about Anno

    - but I will take notice in the future and let you know !!!


  • The cold weather seems to affect me as well as damp, which was another reason i was dreading doing care work with winter coming, I was bad enough in the warm weather i would probably stiffen beyond repair in the winter.

  • I am so glad you put this up. For about 2 weeks I had pain in joints I didn't know I had!!!! I haven't got arthritis (pmr) and yes it did coincide with the cold and wet here in wales, so many thanks.

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