Is it the weather?

Having been reasonably pain-free recently, today and for the last few days, I have woken up aching all the way from my shoulders to the palms of my hands. This has coincided with a marked deterioration in the weather which today is wetter and gloomier than ever. Is it just an old wives' tale that the weather affects 'rheumaticky' symptoms or am I still not getting the benefit of the recent increase in my pred dosage from 5mg to 10mg, having previously been down to 1.5?

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Yes, doctors are now beginning to believe that the weather has an effect on rheumatism of all kinds. They poo-poohed before. I don't find wet/gloomy weather has any effct on me, but cold does. I dread the cold winds and as for snow I'd willingly give my share to anyone!

There is also the point that dreary weather has an effect on our moods, it's much easier to feel down if the day is dark and cold and so many people now suffer from SAD that I think it has proved the case.


Thank you polkadot, what a quick response! I think it's the change in the air pressure that gets to me. A cold, bright winter day has no effect.


The Germans have always said weather affects all sorts of illnesses in some people, especially rheumatism/arthritis and blood pressure, although not everyone notices it. They even have a section in some weather forecasts telling you what to be careful with the next day! And there has been some research done in the last few years confirming what they always believed and it has made its way to English language journals.

Wet weather is my bugbear, especially with wind, and I can tell you 2 or 3 days ahead it is going to change when it is relatively warm. The last 2 days here have been quite uncomfortable as it has been damp with some rain. Cold and snow are no problem as long as otherwise it is dry - I live high enough for our snow to be fairly dry ;-)

Needless to say - I'm not sure I'm looking forward to a month in the UK unless Summer 2014 bucks up a bit!


You confirm my impressions, Pro. I am so looking forward to my three weeks in Provence and the Ardeche! Please bring sunshine when you come over here! An osteopath once told me that low atmospheric pressure made the pressure of sinovial fluid increase inside the joints, causing pain and discomfort, though how that explains muscle aches, I don't know.


Good to know I wasn't having a flare. Following the bout of horrid, damp, cold weather my pains went through the roof yesterday. I couldn't sleep last night because of pain. So far today I'm not too bad. Fingers crossed!


Hi Annodomini

I seem to be different to everyone else the hot weather is worse for me , apart from the terrible hot flushes I become really drained and have no energy as soon as the weather cools down I feel a different person. Good luck with everything Kathy


Hi Anno,

The weather effects me greatly - I'm much more achy when the weather is cold and damp, and as my PMR has mostly gone, all I can surmise from my reactions is that my tendons and ligaments just seem to be less resilient than when the weather is warm and dry, but, strange to say, when I've had a nice hot shower, which is very wet-------I feel much better. So bring on the hot rain!

One more thing - when it's cold, wet and blowing a gale I often feel awful - if I'm out in it I feel my whole body tensing up and on comes the stress. Can't wait to scuttle back home.

Sorry you're still in pain, but is it PMR, because upping the dose to 10mg should have produced good results quite quickly? Might it be your tendons etc acting up. When I get these symptoms, I take ibuprofen because pred just doesn't do the trick.



Hi Pats, I'll have another blood test the week after next to see if the increase in pred has worked. I've been very satisfied with my GPs and don't want to be sent off to a rheumy who probably knows no more than they do! I agree with you about the hot shower - a great remedy for a multitude of ills!

Glad the PMR has almost gone.



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