Hello All!

A beautiful fall morning here in northwest Connecticut. The strange twists and turns of my life continue to come...

I had bloodwork last Monday and my levels are basically good, they are now thinking that aside from the PMR/GCA I have Multiple Sclerosis. They found a mass on my spine, about mid back, on my left side right where these weird pains come and go. So now I am awaiting approval for MRI's, one with contrast one without. And hopefully all of this will give me more info about what my body has going on and how I can best treat it. Inflammatory markers are falling, liver is good the only other concern is my sugars were very low ... kind of in line with where they were when I wound up hospitalized a few weeks ago. So, many small meals a day and back to REALLY being strict about sugars/carbs in my diet. Did my second injection of methotrexate on Thursday, start a reduction of the pred this Thursday. HOPING I can lower my dose this way, the moon face is definitely here and it's a bit of a downer. I care but I don't care.....you all know what I mean.

Received my 'official' letter that I no longer have a position to return to. There's no way I could have returned without becoming deathly ill, but it was bittersweet all the same. My claim for long term disability thru the insurance carrier has been approved so I have some money coming in (thank goodness), still a lot I don't understand. She said something about another review for November so I don't understand if this is going to be a monthly fiasco???? Guess I'll find out.

Asking for prayers for my dear who's retina detached due to her diabetes and the procedure on it didn't work. Meanwhile it was discovered that her ankle which was broken in late June hadn't been healing correctly so she had another screw put it (surgery 2). It was then determined that they needed to try again on the left eye and she wound up in the ER a few hours after arriving home from the surgery almost comatose. Turns out she had a (silent???) heart attack during the procedure that no one "noticed" which is why she was discharged. Eesh. So prayers for her please. Heartbreaking to see her so beat up. Broken ankle, blind in left eye and now a cardiac condition that can't be fully diagnosed until the cast comes off (???) so she can do a stress test. I just don't understand it all, and it makes my head hurt to try!

Well I need to get moving here......just for added comic relief I broke a filling Saturday night so I need to call the dentist, and whilst visiting my friend at the hospital I tripped over my own feet and fell like a tree. May wind up at the dr's, left knee is not happy, can't touch it.....

Happy Monday!

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  • Ain't life grand!

    Just retain your sense of humour! Take care.

  • Oh PamelaAnne, you do seem to have had rather more than your fair share don't you - I wish there was something really comforting and uplifting to be said but to me it would feel as if I were dismissing it all as nothing of importance. Which I don't and wouldn't - wish I could give you a hug xxxxxx

    Where did those medics come from to miss a silent heart attack during a procedure? And why can't they do a "chemical" stress test? It may not be possible of course but I'd be wanting to know why not - instead of using an ergometer (bicycle) they inject a drug that puts the heart under stress. I had one done last summer because I couldn't manage a full on physical stress test because of the PMR. I will grant you I have no desire to have another, it is a most peculiar feeling, but all the drugs are drawn up ready and waiting in case there is a problem and it is supervised by a cardiologist. Worth a query maybe?

    As for you - you aren't doing it by halves are you! I know that being FORCED to stop work is not quite the same as choosing retirement - but the really important factor is that you have an income. You do spend much less when you aren't having to dress up to get to work - and that costs too. We took early retirement 6 years ago - we both do a bit of freelance stuff to top up a smallish retirement pension of my husband's, smaller because he went early in frustration. At last I now have my state pension which makes it all even better but we have no regrets, our quality of life, despite less than perfect health is SO much better. You will find something else to occupy your time - and one day will find yourself wondering how you ever found time to work.

    Look after yourselves, both of you

  • Just lately as I struggle under what seems to be a cascade of health issues (nothing like what you and yours are facing) the immortal words of Monty Python pop into my head: "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition." None of us expects that we will ever face these desperate challenges. But we are all here to listen and to send our silent support to you. Hugs.

  • Saw Monty Python live in NYC around 1978....FUNNIEST night ever....came home smelling of Foster's after they hurled open cans into the audience during the Lumberjack routine! Great memory, thanks for making me think of it!

  • Starting to feel sore from yesterday's fall.....WOW.....trying to stretch a little bit so I don't freeze up totally.......yikes!

  • Oh dear PamelAnne, I hope you aren't too sore and stiff to get under plenty of warm showers for the next couple of days. No matter what you go through, amazingly your sense of humour and positivity still comes through in all your posts - I don't know how you do it.....but do keep doing it! Sending lots of virtual hugs to you and your's.xx

  • Sending abundant blessings to you and yours PamelAnne from NZ - will hold you in my special thoughts of you both as you continue to battle on despite your difficulties without wanting to sound as though I am minimalizing them in anyway.

    Hugs too xx

  • Greetings from Washington state! Sounds like the "perfect storm" has found way to your door. !!! Sending enormous good energy to you and yours. Do stay in touch, jerri

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