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Now that I fully understand the need to rest and avoid stress, why does life continue to throw stressors my way? Nothing, no matter how simple, ever seems to go just as it should. Latest: we need our roof reshingled. Roofer arrived yesterday, set up scaffolding, and the men arrived who need to remove a solar panel from our roof. So far, so good. Except that wasps nests were found under the solar collector. And it was Friday afternoon. After repeated attempts we have finally got through to an exterminator who will hopefully deal with the wasps tomorrow. And then the solar panel will be removed on Monday and the roofer will start - but later than he had wanted or expected to, so he was naturally grumpy. The worst part was being alone at home yesterday and having to deal with all this. I found I was struggling not to burst into tears in front of these men who have no idea what is wrong with this little old woman... :( I do know that I am lucky. I only have PMR It could be so much worse. I have a house with a nice property, so many don't.

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  • Heron, I think you did really well not to "burst into tears" - I can well remember my early days with PMR (especially the undiagnosed ones) when the slightest problem was enough to open the floodgates! Hopefully, at least the weather is in your favour in your part of the world, and it all goes to plan on Monday - get the kettle on!!

  • Weather has been stunningly gorgeous - the best!

  • Hi HeronNS

    Think the technical term is 'sod's law' ! As we all know just as you think you've got life sorted as you want, somebody comes along and bug***s it up! Ce la vie.

    Keep smiling and all that tosh!

  • It has occurred to me over the years that once everything is sorted out and going well, that signals the end. Life is struggle.

  • Yes but you're still here! All long as you can moan you know you're ok, that's what keeps us going. Take care. P

  • Been there, done that - except it was a blasted bank...

    DL - I'd disagree, I believe it's officially has been labelled "Murphy's Law" and it even has a wiki page!

    Heron - You don't report an expletive laden response to any of your men. Maybe that would have engendered sympathy on their part? Because I swear - my language has deteriorated markedly since PMR appeared on the scene. Much to my husband's disgust...

    PS - can I keep a connection long enough to post this? Can I h*££...

  • PMRPro,

    It might be Murphy's for posh people! But ours has always been Sod's!

  • Did you read the wiki link?

  • Yes.i shall have to enter Sod's when

    I think of something that can be printed!

  • I used to work in a library - we loved things like this and had many a chuckle at work as we shared our findings!

  • By the way - you should lobby the local fire brigade to add removing wasp's nests in their training. Here a large part of the water fairies comprises volunteer groups and since actually there aren't that many fires here (when there are they are MEGA in wooden barns with hay in) they do all sorts of things in the community. Including pretty well immediate removal of a wasps nest. No idea if they charge but no doubt a donation goes down well if they don't.

  • Our situation is pretty urgent, given that the various roof workers have already been on site. As it has so far taken us almost seven months to get a refund from our city for a cancelled building permit (we were told 6 weeks) I wouldn't ask them to do anything time sensitive for us!

  • I know how you feel. In my case it was the NHS pensions system that did it to me, I still feel mega frustrated and stressed just thinking about it. I wish I could sue the idiots.

  • Oooh - they got you too did they? OH decided to go early as he couldn't take it any more. So checked everything - he didn't decide until even HE was confident we could survive until our state pensions arrived since he lost 15% for going early. He looked up the thingy test to be sure you had enough according to them and worked it out in 10 minutes. It took NHS pensions over 6 MONTHS! We couldn't put the house on the market until we knew, had we been able to do that even 2 months earlier we'd have got about 50K more - it was exactly what a young couple wanted (3 bed, walking distance to the hospital) but there was nothing and they compromised with 2, paying about 20K less than ours was valued at. The market had collapsed by the time we could go and we struggled to sell at all.


  • I really sympathise. They just don't want to know, I assume the NHS is paying Equiniti a fortune to run it. They seem to be totally unaccountable for anything. I better not go on or I will push my blood pressure up!

  • Thanks everyone! I was going to list all the things in my life for the past two years that have caused me major stress, but the list got too long. I counted 15 items, two of them positive, others mixed, but involving stress nevertheless. Some of the items included a whole suite of related issues. And I didn't even count the wasps....

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