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Good News

Just to let folk know that I had a brilliant time at my daughter's wedding. Had enough energy for what turned out to be a very busy week. Did stay on 12 mg until after the wedding and now slowly tapering down to 11mg.

Did have a bad experience though about three weeks before the wedding of what was called a "thunderclap" headache( not a headache at all , more like being hit on the top of the neck with a sledgehammer!) was admitted to hospital and had CT scan, lumbar puncture, MRI and MRA , with no negative results, thank God. They were testing for brain bleed/ infection.

I have no idea if any of this was connected with PMR/ steroid use. Has anyone had experience of this at all?


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How lovely - and how dramatic! But at least you have been well checked out after that since they should have found any signs of GCA with the MRA.

Now we will allow you to taper with no warnings! And glad a good time was had by all.


Thank you!!


That sounds a frightening experience, Jackoh, but at least the hospital seem to have pulled out all the stops and given you a clean bill of health. I wonder if the stress of preparing for the wedding was at the root of the problem? So glad all was well on the big day and you were able to enjoy it all. Good luck with the current taper.


Thanks a lot


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