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Wasp sting!

Got stung by a wasp 2 days ago on the hand - within 12 hrs whole hand and wrist very swollen. Did take piraton and ibuprofen to help reduce swelling but have felt tired out and not well. Annoying as now only taking 1/2 mg pred a day, and have felt so well.

Any stressy thing seems to set me back just when I think I'm ok!

Have researched on the Internet.....seems I need to have a blood test to check antibodies. Maybe need an adrenaline pen? Anyone else experienced this?

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Definately check with your doctor. I've carried an "EpiPen" the U.S. version for years after having a reaction. Benadryl (diphenhidramine) is a good thing to combat the reaction as well and is an over the counter drug here. The testing is a good idea, I've been allergy tested twice now in ten years and have been consistently sensitive to bees, ragweed and cats. I have a friend who has anaphalaxis every time with a sting now, it's horrible. Take care.

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Unless you also developed hives I'd be surprised if they gave you an adrenaline pen this early on the basis of a swollen hand and wrist as they aren't signs of even a mild allergic response. The blood testing to confirm allergy is for the specific IgE, used to be called the RAST test. Talk to your GP and see if he's prepared to do one. Skin testing isn't much use.

The trouble with wasp stings is often less the wasp's venom than where that wasp had been before it found you! It may have been dining somewhere rather dirty and it was a response to the contents of the muck that caused the swelling. You could have taken a higher dose of pred for 3 days to sort out the swelling - though I'm sure you're truly averse to that idea!

But your comment about "any stressy thing seems to set me back" makes me feel that an adrenal function test might be just as important as an allery test.


Yes....lots to think about. Thanks for reply and suggestions. 3 days later feeling fine again and hand nearly back to normal thank goodness.


Oh, Susie, poor you. I live in fear of having a wasp sting after my first experience some years ago, long before being on steroids. The wasp stung my lip and 36 hours later I awoke being unable to see where my chin ended and my neck started! GP prescribed antibiotics and told me that after this reaction I should treat any future sting seriously, immediately taking antihistamine and going to the nearest A&E. In spite of this warning of the possibility of a second sting proving fatal, he never mentioned an EpiPen!

Best to get your GP to check the swelling just to make sure there isn't any infection present. I've had numerous huge swellings even from mosquito bites, and have often been prescribed antibiotics. Perhaps just another couple of days on Piriton will help, plus an antihistamine cream such as Anthisan. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for reply... 3 days later nearly back to normal and feeling fine again. Thought to take photos when it was really fat so I can show Dr next time I visit! Meanwhile piraton in bag and avoid all wasps!


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