My history of PMR

Started with swollen knees.

Referred to orthopaedic consultant.

He suggested a rheumatologist

Back to GP as now in wide spread pain

Difficult to walk and dress and taking paracetamol and NSAIDs with poor effect. I was also unable to sleep due to pain. Whilst waiting for Rheumatologist bloods showed increased crp, Ferratin and ESR and low hb. Still hasn'd heard from rheumy so paid to see medical consultant privately.

He felt it was poss PMR but ran gambit of tests to include Ultrasound, MRI and blood tests for cancer. All really worrying but fortunately all tests came back clear and I had been started on 30mgs of pred. Which worked within a few days in that I was now able to sleep. I have now been under a rheumatologist for three years with just two flare ups and am glad to say that I am now weaning down to 1mg of prednisalone using the slow, nearly stop method. This site has been a god send for me. I was diagnosed at age 57.

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Well done you!

It's so nice to hear when things are going well, so many people are having problems of one sort and another, which we all are concerned about, but a "good" story gives us all a feeling of there is light at the end of some very dark tunnels.

Like you, I've been on Pred for over three years, starting at 80mg, and using the slow reduction scheme am now down to 4mg. Had a few aches and pains this week, but I know what caused that, so I've given myself a good talking to and decided I'll stay at 4 for a few weeks, and get things settled properly before I taper again. No point in trying to rush things, which I would have done a few years ago! Perhaps wisdom does come with age!

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I am so glad you are coming out the other end so succesfully. It is awful the number of people who go through such a lot of pain before being diagnosed. The agony I went through all comes flooding back. I too went to see a consultant privately in the end having been told I had a virus by my GP over a period of three months.


Well done LJhome - another good news story to lift the spirits, especially for those 'newbies' looking in, proving that better days are around the corner. And proof, if proof were needed, that a slowly slowly approach to reducing the steroids does work. Stay well LJhome.

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Thank you all.


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