Still confused only less so!


A later blood test shows remarkable similarity to the last one ESR/CRP same values however the GP pointed out that my haemoglobin levels are borderline and that she requires a monthly test to keep this under review. It has been suggested by the hospital consultant that my headaches could be due to trigeminal neuralgia, the normal treatment for which is with anti-epilepsy meds ( which would clash with current meds, meaning a complete review of all).

I carried out a 4 day trial at 10mg as suggested. On the day prior I could only manage 40-50 metres before resting due to heavy-leg syndrome and back muscles locking up. After 24 hrs and for the rest of the trial period I could walk much easier and experienced less pain (shoulder/arm pain was lessened too!). GP stated that I should return to 7mg until I had seen the rheumy (05/06/2015). The confusion appears to be more with the medical fraternity than me!


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What a woos of a GP - your patient obviously has better pain relief from a slightly higher dose and you can't act on that? Sometimes I do wonder about the roles they want to play!

Oh well, good luck on the 5th.



5th June was postponed but was rescheduled to 6th July. What a surprise! I was seen by the new junior consultant who actually listened to what was being said. When I mentioned that I have been stuck on 7mg for several months she just said to keep trying the odd day until the body would accept it, use the gradual approach thereafter. I was given a cortisone shot in my right shoulder and promised one for the left in 2 weeks. Light daily exercises prescribed by physio have kept the joints mobile.

And the eye problem was resolved--display of solidarity by my eyes- instead of one being 3 points worse than the other they decided to become equal ( the only problem was it happened within a couple of days, hence the left-sided temple pain.

Bloods were all normal (for me,anyway) AND I have just undergone my FIRST pain-free day at 6mg.Yay!!!


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