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Hi guys. Am on my first week of 14mgs pred after7wks of 15mgs so am cautiously looking out for signs of withdrawal/return of symptoms. My doc insisted on me going down to 12.5 after 4wks but I didn't fare too well on that so here's hoping this is gonna be better. My biggest concern is the last two was or so I have been very very thirsty and drinking loads. Am staying with my step mother who has type 1 diabetes (has to inject insulin several times a day) so she tested my sugar levels and they were 9.2. Every test I have ever had has been 5 or below. This I guess is steroid induced, will it improve as the steroids are reduced and should it be treated now. Am away from home at moment so will inform doc on return. Should I be worried or is it just one of those things to get on with while dealing with pmr. At least it explains some of my eye symptoms that had me thinking GCA, even tho I didn't have real head pains just niggles. Thanks for listening and all the best to you all, take care cc

Ps I don't eat a lot of carbs or sugary food.

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I have type 2 diabetes and yes, my sugar levels go sky-high when I am on a high dose of steroids. However, it is only temporary, they reduce as the Pred reduces. I've now been on 5mg for 3 years (mine is a lifetime relationship with steroids) and my levels have been in the normal range for most of that time. I am on metformin which works well for me.

Depending on where you are, 'normal' levels are generally considered to be between 5 - 8 so you are not too much above 'normal'.

You have the right idea about not eating too many carbs, but some fruit and veggies are quite high in sugar - go to Diabetes UK for some lists and never ever eat anything declared to be low-fat. They may well be low in fat, but they will be correspondingly high in sugar (which puts back some of the taste and flavour removed with the fats.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. That's really helpful. I too can't stand low fat stuff for the same reason. Have a great day, all the best cc 😎


Polkadotcom has said it all! Be vigilant for hidden sugar in food - read labels. You will be surprised where you are eating sugar!

Someone was insistent they ate very little carbohydrate. There was the brioche for breakfast, the bread at lunchtime, the snack bar in the afternoon...


It's easily done. I have a gluten free seeded wrap for breakfast full to the brim with salad and some protein. Just fruit in the middle of the day ( must be careful) I always have a banana for the potassium. Then fir tea its mountains of veg with some protein. I stopped rice pasta potatoes when I started the pred as I didn't want to end up the size of a house. It seems to work, obviously I have the odd naughty break (just been to the seaside and had a cream tea, but just the one and only one scone, I thought I was very restrained). All the best everyone cc πŸ˜ƒ


Easily done in truth if you mean the hidden carb/sugar: gluten-free baked goods are horrendous for white carbs, fruit has interesting amounts when you look closely and while it isn't added sugar too much fruit can be a lot of sugar, and a banana is a carbohydrate fruit. A 100g banana has nearly 25g carb - and how often do you find a 100g banana! Apples these days are enormous and one is often comfortably 2 portions of fruit - with 50g of carb in total. One usual apple plus one usual banana is already heading for 100g of carb - before you even look at anything else in your diet. And your body doesn't care if it is added sugar or not - it's sugar and needs insulin!


Hi, as others have said, yes the sugar levels rising is due to steroids. I'd been type 2 diabetic for 5 years, didn't need meds for it (luckily) till I got GCA this year, cos the steroids raised levels. Am on 9mg pred at the moment, started on 15mg January, head getting better so doc hopes may be off diab meds when (if!) eventually come off steroids. Find it difficult to eat sensibly diabetes wise, just had blood test - we shall see. All the best, keep us informed, thanks <ee>


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