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Pred reduction and Alendronic Acid

I have had a Dexa scan and the results indicate that I am osteopenic so the doc has given me a script for Alendronic Acid. I have been on 15mgs of pred for the last 7 weeks and am going to reduce slowly by 1 mg every 2 weeks. I take 5mgs pred at 11pm and 10mgs first thing in the morning as I find this works best for me. I intend to reduce my morning pred to 9mgs from tomorrow, then 8mgs, then after 4 weeks cut the evening one to 4 and a half. Do you think this is OK? Problem is when to start the alendronic acid. As it has to be taken first thing in the morning it will delay the pred. Also how long after taking the AA can you take the pred. I also take the calcium and vit D tabs at lunchtime and after evening meal. Also the AA can mimic PMR I hear. Should I delay taking the AA till I have reduced the pred much further. Thanks

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The alendronic acid is only on 1 day a week - it isn't every day. Choose your day of the week, set the alarm and take the AA and sit up for an hour. Then you can take your pred. The rest of the week it isn't a problem



I take my AA on a Sunday when things are a bit more relaxed. I take it 1st thing, then potter about having a shower and getting dressed, even sitting down to read emails before taking rest of tablets and breakfasting. I reckon that leaving 30 mins between taking the AA and other tablets, or breakfasting is fine for me, but some people leave longer, depends on individuals. Just remember not to lie down or do any bending after taking AA.

As PMRPro says it's only once a week, although I think you can get monthly equivalent ones as well, I have a friend recovering from cancer who takes those.

Once you get down to 10mgs per day, you may like to think about reducing by 0.5mg rather than 1mg, adhering to the "not more than 10% reduction" adage! DL

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I also have osteopenia verging closely to osteoporosis. I was diagnosed with PMR 2.5yr ago, and had a dexa scan at the start. I take Alendronic Acid once weekly on a Sunday, I don't find it a problem as you only have to leave 30 mins between AA and food. So I read emails and magazines for 30 mins then have breakfast and steroids.

I had a repeat Dexa recently which showed the Alendronic acid had improved my bone density by 3% whilst still taking steroids. Hope this helps. :-)


Thankyou for all your help. I will start this weekend. I have to admit I have had these tabs for 5 weeks now. I wanted to get the inflammation down.. Thanks again


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