Buttock and leg pain


Seem to have become regular on this site because have found it so helpful. Just wanted to ask if any others have had pain which radiates down from the buttock to the ankle. Have woken up two mornings with this pain radiating down one leg. Couldn't sit or stand for a while and then it seems to taper off. Is this anything to do with pred, or PMR or am I looking at something totally seperate here? Would be interested to know if any others have had this. Thanks a lot


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  • Jackoh, that sounds very much like the sciatica I have experienced over the years, probably due to a slippage of my spine. When a bout arrived during my PMRGCA days, it really complicated things wondering which pain was which! You may find that gentle massage by in the central buttock area by a physio may give you relief. I have also found that resorting to a support girdle has helped. A member of our Surrey group has recently embarked on a few sessions with a Bowen therapist for similar pain and is finding that helpful.

  • Hi Jackoh, that sounds very much like the kind of pain I had before I had a hip replacement. Do you have any signs of osteo arthritis? I'm sure there are plenty of other explanations and it would be best to ask your GP who might refer you to a physio for a diagnosis - physios know more about joints and muscles than most GPs!

  • One cause (or rather two causes) can be the sciatic nerve being trapped/pinched by muscles that are in spasm - either in piriformis syndrome or myofascial pain syndrome. Piriformis tends to cause pain and aching in the lower buttock, MPS can also cause low back and thigh pain - and further up the back too. MPS caused me to have sciatic pain right down to my ankle at times. Higher doses of pred often mask it, with it returning as the dose goes down. Both are often found alongside PMR - not PMR but made worse by it.

    And after the number of comments recently from "satisfied customers" on all the forums who say they have benefited from it: yet again, I recommend Bowen therapy.

  • As usual, thank you all for taking the time to reply and give me helpful suggestions. I think I will certainly investigate the Bowen therapy if this persists and/ or visit to GP.


  • 12 months into PMR I had exactly the same pain.It felt different to original PMR pain and still had full movement of limb, just agony when weight bearing but did try increasing preds in case it was a fare up, without result.

    I resorted to private phsio who decided it was a trapped nerve in spine. 3 sessions of massage exercise acupuncture and pain vanished -miracle man! 6 months later a recurrence. Then seen by NHS phsio who thought it was due to tight deep buttock muscle. After allocated 6 weeks of massage and acupuncture it was still present although bearable. It very gradually went away over the next two months without further treatment. I find regular walking, swimming and aquarobics are helpful. After learning about Bowen therapy here I will certainly give it a try if it recurs. Have already found practice of a local one.

  • Thanks for your helpful comments. It's so good to share on here and get more info.


  • Hi, I was diagnosed with GCA in January this year, I am currently on 10mg daily. About 3 years ago I was experiencing very bad cramp pains in my legs, not all the time but when I did, well, let's put it this way, if I'd had a switch in front of me that would have whisked me off the planet, I would have used it. I just put it down to bad cramp - diet not great, overweight etc, and I put a bar of soap or two in the bed on top of the sheet (no, please believe me, I am not mad, lot of people had commented about this on internet and that was how I learnt of this, it helps get rid of cramp). Now, yes, if it's to be believed the cramp is amazingly better, if it was that. But I now get a pain after sitting, in my right inner thigh. I stand up and it feels like a kind of throbbing, twitching pain and its difficult to walk, feels like my leg is trying to break away from me, ha! Not for long, and it doesn't happen all the time, but having read some other comments on here it sounds very similar to some. I do suffer with arthritis in knees, so obviously it could be that, but maybe might be PMR?? Thanks <ee>

  • Sorry have just seen this again on my page and realised that although I had planned to respond I'd forgotten ( partly because going through a bit of a tough time with pain etc but no excuse!) Noticed you have now posted on general site and have had some good response. Apologies, know how important it is to have understanding and support of others going through this as can be at times quite isolating.

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