diabetes and prednisone

Thank you all for your replies. I have to go for another test, but dr. thinks I may have diabetes from the Prednisone for GCA only been on heavy doses since 12/1/14. Slowly lowering. Also now have high Blood Pressure and am on medication. I called the American Diabetes Society and they said that sometimes it an reverse itself after your stop the prednisone, depends on your health, etc. I am not over weight and was pretty active till I got the PMR then biopsy for GCA. Now wondering if I ever had PMR and it was GCA all along as I heard that can even cause some of the same things. Just so glad I did not listen to my Rhumatolgist who told me 3 times when I asked if I could have GCA that I did not. Thank goodness my eye doctor pushed for the biopsy, or may have been blind. Some of these doctors are rally scarey.

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  • Is the diabetes going to be controlled by diet or drugs so far my suger is ok lucky with the BP to have inherited my mum's low BP reads normal at the moment. This GCA is no fun on 18mg of pred a day going down to 16mg on Sunday .

  • I went from 60 to 50 to 40 and now on 30 mgs prednisone, going to Phila. next weekend and hoping maybe he will lower to 20 mgs. Family Dr. just told me to watch the sugar and doing another test in couple weeks then will decide how to treat if I can't get sugar down. What a crazy disease. My blood pressure was normal and told it is the prednisone that was making it go high so on BP meds hopefully till I get the prednisone lower or go off it. Hope you can get down to the 16 mgs. How long have you been on the 18 mg ?

  • I will have been on it for 14days GP and I are going to give it a try have been going 28 days between reductions Have a problem with carotid artery and have to have scans 3times a year round my neck and shoulders I look likes a bodybuilder . So have to see how it goes if to painful will go back up

  • Hope you can get it down without any more pain. I think my ultra sound of neck came out ok, not seen doctor yet.

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