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As regular contributors to this forum will know a couple of months ago I asked for a virtual hug because I was feeling pretty low, and of course, the response was overwhelmingly positive . How could it not be!

Well just an update, my arthritic knee is less painful, and my sacroiliac joint (affected by the said knee) is much better, thanks to excellent physio and exercises. But best of all, I had my cataract operation yesterday, and my good eye is now my VERY good eye! Although everybody said it would be okay, I was still concerned bearing in mind it's the only one I've got! All I can say is - Wow what a difference!

Now I shall be able to see my daughter, and New Zealand, in all their glory. Only six weeks to go. Yippie!

Once again, thanks to everybody who cheered me up when I was down. You are great. Love DorsetLady

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Nothing to say is there - except more hugs for a happy story! It makes a change this week on the PMR forums believe me!!!!!!

Don't go mad now you can see the dust...



No chance! DL


A woman after my own heart! A friend in Germany put up a poster on Facebook yesterday which basically said: So there you are - intending to get on and clean the whole house and then what happens? You really can't summon up the enthusiasm...

Welcome to the club - the one where I asked "Is this a club where you drink a glass of bubbly instead of doing the housework?" If so - count me in!!!!! :-)


Too right. Life's too short to worry about housework - or stuff a mushroom.

When my husband was in the Army we were posted to the Outer Hebrides Lovely place, but atrocious weather. Just after we'd arrived a neighbour said to me, if we get a nice day, then get out and enjoy it, leave the house to another day.

That was 30 years ago, and I've never forgotten her advice! DorsetLady


Yes - an acquaintance from the south was off to Uist for a birdwatching holiday, full of plans for sitting out on the heather while her husband did his twitcher thing. I never did hear much about it - I just hope they had a week when you could at least stand up outside the front door!!


DorsetLady, so glad to hear you're feeling better....and seeing better as well, you so deserve that. My very elderly aunt had cataract surgery recently - her only complaint: she was shocked how many wrinkles she had! As for our virtual hugs, there'll be plenty of real hugs when you arrive in New Zealand.


This is great news are you doing the flight in one leg or having a stop over,


Hi olive2709,

On way out I am stopping over in Singapore for 36 hrs.(two days, one night) as my late hubby was there in the 60s. I know it will be completely different from when he was there, but at least I may get a feel for the place he knew. And it will give a break from all that flying! DorsetLady


Dorset Lady, we have corresponded before. I am Delia in San Francisco. Now you are spurring me on to fly to England. I am still very concerned re flying. I just had a relapse in my GCA when I changed from 35mg. to 30 mg. prednisone. I am now trying the method of tricking my body into the reduction by 6 days of 40 and one of 35 etc. I was only diagnosed in July with GCA. That seems to be working at the moment. However, I have heard of the cabin pressure causing a recurrence of inflammation in former infections of other kinds, such as an abcessed tooth and a former leg injury, that I have wondered if it would be the same for GCA? My rheumatologist says go, he only worries about the disease being an auto immune disease and picking up coughs and colds etc.

You have a wonderful time, I may attempt my trip in the New Year.

Have a great day today, Delia.


Hi DeliaGray,

I was a little concerned about flying, so I used a flight to Spain on holiday in July as a practice run. I know it was only 3 hrs, but it was no problem at all.

If your GCA is under control and rheumy says go, then go.

I did read in one of my women magazine that arnica tablets, taken a few days before a long haul flight, on the day of the flight and the day after are good for keeping coughs and colds at bay. Don't know if anyone else has any info. I intend to look into it before I fly. DL


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