Another first on road to recovery

I managed to finish 1st in age group and 6th overall at the Hackworth parkrun (5km). Another first on my road to recovery. It's still hard to believe that just over a year ago I was in a wheelchair and couldn't perform simple hygiene tasks! Still on steroid reduction programme ... and "running free with a big smile again". Keep remaining positive, stay strong and listen to your body :-)

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  • Very well done, Jonny! Your rapid recovery is an inspiration to all those still struggling.

  • Well done yet again, Jonny! Do you think being THAT fit before PMR struck has a bearing on how well you are doing now?

  • Totally. I think I had several things going for me - gender, age, very positive attitude, extremely fit and a great support mechanism e.g. bunch of mad friends and family. Remember I was not only running and climbing but doing it at a reasonable competitive level only - I was running over 50 miles per week in all weather and climbing high altitude mountains. I've maintained a daily fitness log and you can monitor the improvements against my Pred plus other aspects. I started taking vitamin D and Spiralina tablets a year ago, and changed my to a Paleo Diet. I've also continued with hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and a daily stretch routine for the past year.

  • I remember on another PMR forum some years ago, we came across several men who posted saying they had been enjoying taking part in very active pursuits when they were suddenly struck down with PMR. Their posts seemed to fizzle out very quickly, which would lead to a suspicion that they probably also managed to kick PMR into touch without much problem....and a good helping of luck!

  • Well done!

  • Wonderful! Even one story like yours is hugely inspiring to all of us. Thank you for this uplifting news. Amazing achievement. But I hope you will give your body a well-deserved rest for a generous period before you take on the next challenge, which I imagine you are probably already contemplating.

  • Well done John, watch this space!

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