Is this recovery?

Hello Dear Friends,

I have noticed some changes and wonder if what I am seeing is part of getting better/lowering steroid dose. My face has lost it's wonderful rosy glow. I am back to buying a skin treatment. I am in the midst of going from 12 to 11 ( 4 days this week) and have had a headache off and on all day. This is unusual for me. Usually I feel like a battery that is charged at 50%. If I pace I go back to 50%. I am pretty tired and took a 2 hr nap today (another unusual event as I am not usually sleepy). I still haven't gotten the 50% recharge. I have also gone back to work for 10 hours a week to 30 hours. I am thinking that is what has really wrecked me but is the steroid dose also playing in to it all? I don't have pain and I feel much better in the morning. Am able to get up and go in an hour so some things do seem better for me. Wishing you all well. Bunnymom

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  • Hi bunnymom,

    Would suggest the "going back to work" is the main cause for change.

    If it had been me, I wouldn't have combined a taper and a increase of working hours. Would have stayed at previous dose, increased working hours, gauged how that went - and then reduced Pred if okay.

    As I said before, even on low doses (after lessons learnt the hard way as usual) I didn't reduce Pred if I knew something stressful (or potentially stressful) was in the offing.

    Personally I would keep at the doses you're on this week for next week, and maybe one more to see how things go, and then continue your taper. I know we can't put life on hold all the time, but sometimes we just have to adjust things to make it a bit smoother.

    Hope you soon feel better.

  • Thanks Dorset Lady.i am using your taper method so I will repeat a few weeks.

  • Good idea. Hope things soon improve.

  • I do have cataract surgery on Monday and was going to rest for the day and take 12 for two days. Do you think that will be enough to recover?

  • Hi again,

    I had cataract done when I was on 9mg. Didn't take any extra - no problem, but if you feel it's necessary then take 12 by all means.

  • You went back to work AND reduced at the same time?????? No - not a good idea!!!!

  • Well I was in the middle of a reduction.

  • Then you stop!

  • I am back to 12 and feeling much better. On to surgery!

  • Other folk have had cataract surgery so maybe they'll come in on this. . You could try your 12 for the day you have surgery and rest and see if that seems ok. I personally think to continue that for another day is sensible. You can only try these things can't you? We're the only ones that know our bodies. I suppose the thing is to really rest that day and maybe the next as any trauma and stress adds to symptoms and if you're working more I imagine the temptation to do more on your days off must increase. So rest!! Let us know how you get on. My cataract I know is getting a little worse so I may have to face this soon. The only similar thing I've had is a tooth extraction where I rested for two days and increased slightly for those two days to allow healing. X

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