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Problems ,Problems Problems

Like everyone else I am frustrated because I can do so little. What with Wet Amd (my vision had dropped at last clinic appointment ) GCA lost my left eye to that water retention having lots of trouble with that even taking a 40MG Frusamide district nurses coming in to dress my legs from toes to knee have never seen blisters like them one is the size of my hand on my leg honestly. cant get shoes on cant even get a shower Think its fair to say I feel totally useless Muscle weakness .cramp leg giving way hip pain. I try and have a sleep in the afternoon .Just hoping things will get better eventually. I have telephone consultations last time after arranging for Dr to sort out ESR & CRP blood test Dr asked did I get any help No I don't so I was put on the Virtual Ward it was explained as like being in hospital but they come to you and would include ,OT,Physio and Social Worker and District \nurse. Well DN visiting after an further urgent request from GP as for the others I have decided I am on a trolley in a virtual accident and emergency waiting to be seen.

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Hope they find you a bed soon then! I think you are allowed to feel pretty frustrated there - a gentle reminder via the DN might achieve a bit more maybe?

Hope things improve very soon.


Sorry to hear life is so tough and that you are so frustrated. It sucks! I can't think of any way to get through except one day at a time. I know its a bit of a cliche but it works. I hope today is a better one for you and I will be thinking of you and sending you prayers and loving thoughts. If anyone in the family offers to help you out say 'Yes!' Xxxx


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