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Hi everybody this morning I had my second colonoscopy, the first being three years ago. I do not remember there being as much pain the first time around as there was this morning, having said that I didn't have the sedative which according to the nurse who took my details on arrival does not contain any painkiller and therefore does nothing to soften the pain which I might add was excruciating. The doctor kept saying that it was wind so I thought in my stupidity stop what you are doing and let me get rid of it. He just carried on till I was in such a state at one time that I shouted at him that if he didn't stop hurting me so much I was going to kick him. The good news is that everything was clear (I had 2 polyps removed last time) so I don't need to go again for another 3 years and if that one is clear I won't be on their list anymore. I won,t want to go again but I suppose what must be must be.

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Your medic obviously needs to be the subject for a colonoscopy! It is to their advantage for patients to have it done under no sedation (it's quicker) so the least they can do is be cooperative with the patient. When I had mine done with no sedation or pain relief there were interesting moments but the operator always stopped immediately I said, pulled back a bit and took another run at things (if you will all excuse the terminology ;-) ). Plus the nurse was brilliant. Done gently and with brain it is a perfectly acceptable experience. What a k^*$!!!!!!


couldn't agree more the previous doctor was much better


You should have had the Sedative I did plus they give you gas an air now.I was so high that when it ended he came around to shake my hand, and I flung my arms around him and snogged him They all burst out laughing, Doc said never been kissed for doing this before.I had sedative because like you I had a horrific time the first time.


My consultant gave up with my colonoscopy as my bowel is very tortuous and I was in considerable pain. She didn't get much further than my sigmoid. Having said that ,despite Movi prep ( not pleasant!) my colon was not cleared which made the colonoscopy investigation more difficult!

All that effort to no avail!

I was referred for a scan ( colonography) which was clear thank goodness. However I still get abominable pain and distension ..........!


in the late '80's i had a colonoscopy. they give me valium to put me out. i told them it wouldn't work as i have been on valium most of my life. diazapam. well of course what do i know, ? so they gave it to me and of course it didn't work. i just couldn't talk. so they went ahead and the doctor had the assistant pound on my stomach, hard . and it was extremely painful. and the took out the scope. and said that they had to get a longer scope. and i thought .... oh God , no. i can't go thru this again.

but i couldn't talk, the one administering the valium could see it in my eyes. the pain i was in.. but then they went ahead with the second scope. and again pounding hard on my abdomen. well from this experience, and finding out that the more pain i was in the tenser i became. the doctor was getting mad , and said that he could have done three in the time it took him to do me. the ass. said she had to do that as there were so many tight corners to get around. the result of all this caused me to have two compression fractures in the L4 and L5 vertabrae. also a few years later they discovered an anyuerism which i had to have a 3 point stent inserted into the aorta. . fortunately those doctors knew what they were doing.

since then i have had another colonoscopy, by a doctor who listened, and everything came out al right . but now i have colitis. forever, that one went very well, i'm sorry this was so long, a read.


what a horror story sounds much like mine i'm not having any more of that i don't care what happens


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