Hello everyone I have been away for 4 weeks so am catching up at the moment. I have had PMR for 7 yrs am on 10g pred, propranolol , thyroxin

and amitriptilyne 20gs. However recently I find that if I take amitryptiline after 7 30pm I wake in the night having hallucinations which is quite disturbing. Is any one else taking this med and getting the same problem I am fine if I take it on time.Thank you all for your helpful tips in the past Kathy

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I am on 35 mgs of Amitriptyline which I also take at 7:30. I have tried taking it at all sorts of times but I find it is not as effective. I have not had any hallucinations with it, I am just grateful that it helps me to sleep. If I forget to take it once then I have a horrible night of sleeplessness. I am currently on 12 mgs Pred., and I am hoping that as I go lower, I may not need the Amitriptyline any more?


I have been on amitriptyline for 3 years now, currently on 50mg. Through trial and error I have found that my best time for taking it is around 8pm. With me it is meant primarily to help with the pain I get from peripheral neuropathy in my lower legs and feet, so that it also helps as a general muscle relaxant is a bonus.

Never had any hallucinations yet, although I did go through a period of bizarre dreams, that stopped some time ago I'm glad to say.


Thank you suzy1959 and polkadotcom for your reply I see my GP on 16th July so will discuss it with her then.


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